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Wintergreen Essential Oil Recall Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Essential Oil Recall; Due To Child Resistant Packaging Issues

Organic Aromas Wintergreen Essential Oil Recall 300 bottles of Organic Aromas Wintergreen Essential Oil are being recalled by Organic Aromas of Boise, Idaho. According to report, the products have methyl salicylate. Moreover, Organic Aromas’ Wintergreen Essential Oil is not child-resistant when it comes to packaging. Thus, the product doesn’t meet the requirements set by the Read More

Stricter Regulations on Glass Tables Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

We Need Stricter Regulations on Glass Tables! Demands New Study.

Why We Need Stricter Regulations for Glass Tables A study conducted by Rutgers University revealed that numerous consumers suffer severe injuries because of glass tables. According to the report, despite the use of tempered glass as standard material in creating doors, regulations for tables are less strict. Thus, the injuries being sustained are more serious Read More

Razer Data Breach Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Razer Data Breach Announced; Breach Affects 100,000 Customers

Razer Data Breach Allows Scammers Access to Personal Information Security researcher Bob Diachenko revealed that the gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer accidentally leaked the data of approximately 100,000 customers According to Diachenko, one of Razer’s Elasticsearch servers has been misconfigured. As a result, information was exposed to the public and indexed by public search engines Read More

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recall Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recall; Cancer Allegations

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recall Recently, a Johnson and Johnson baby powder recall hit the shelves after the company declared that they will remove their talc-based baby powder from shelves and stop all sales in the United States and Canada. This action from the company was sparked because of facing thousands of Johnson and Read More

Asbestos Leads To Cancer Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Asbestos Leads To Cancer & Other Diseases, Lawsuit Investigation Alleges

Asbestos-Related Cancers & Diseases Lawsuit Investigation Asbestos has been widely used in more than 3,000 products like insulation, brake linings, and shingles. However, it was also linked to significant health problems, including certain types of cancer. According to reports, if a person suffered the following cancers or non-cancerous illnesses, you may have a legal claim: Read More

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

OTC Meds Lead to Stevens Johnson Syndrome: Be Safe and Take Action!

Stevens Johnson Syndrome & Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Lawsuit Investigation Reports revealed that Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and its more severe form, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease. This disease is known for causing large areas of the skin to detach. Also, lesions develop in the mucous membranes. Oftentimes, Stevens Johnson Read More

Different Car Brands and Who Owns Them Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Different Car Brands and Who Owns Them: It Gets Interesting…

About the Auto industry ownership and partnerships Partnerships, sales, separations, bankruptcies, and entire kill-off of divisions have painted the confounding canvas of the auto industry in the past decade. Efficiency and profitability drove automakers to slim down and see storied names, such as Hummer, Mercury, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, fade into history, and others, like Chrysler, Read More

DHL Class Action Lawsuit DHL Class Action Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

DHL Delivery Drivers Seek Fair Wage in Class Action Lawsuit

DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit DHL is facing a lawsuit accusing the delivery service company of not making sure that drivers of their delivery services are being paid with proper overtime wages. The lawsuit claims that DHL introduced its “Parcel Metro” program in 2018, which lets the company contract local and regional delivery vendors Read More

Westinghouse Generator Recall Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Westinghouse Generator Recall Announced; Potential Fire Hazard

Generators Leak Fuel, Poses Fire Hazard; More on the Westinghouse Generator Recall About 7,500 dual-fuel generators were recalled by Westinghouse for fuel leaks from the generator’s fuel filter which can cause fires. There are already 26 incidents of generators leaking fuel reported to Westinghouse, but none reported fire or injuries. The recall is for the Read More