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Volkswagen Name Change Prank Class Action lawsuit

Consumer Class Actions

Volkswagen Name Change Prank Class Action lawsuit – Investors Sue VW Over The Failed Name Change Joke…

Volkswagen Execs’ Name Change Prank On April Fools Day Backfires, Investors File Class Action Lawsuit After Losing Money Volkswagen executives tried to imbue the April Fools’ spirit by releasing a fake company name change announcement yet failed miserably as it resulted in a negative impact on the automaker’s stocks.  Investors were not happy with the Read More

Poland Spring Sparkling Water Class Action Lawsuit Raspberry Lime

Consumer Class Actions

Poland Spring Sparkling Water Class Action Lawsuit – Nestlé Falsely Advertised Its Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water To Be Natural…

The Real Deal on Nestlé Poland Spring Sparkling Water According to a previous class action lawsuit, Poland Spring, the country’s best-selling bottled water, is tagged as “a colossal fraud.” To this date, another alleged scam of Poland’s Spring water has been exposed — the false advertisement of their Sparkling Water’s flavor. Poland Spring’s Previous Class Read More

Epic Games Vs. Apple Over App Store's Commission


Epic Games Vs. Apple Over App Store’s Commission…

Epic Games Sues Apple in Court Due to App Store’s Excessive Cuts Epic Games’ CEO testified on Monday that he knew he was violating Apple Inc.’s (AAPL.O) App Store rules by integrating Epic’s own in-app payment system into Fortnite last year. However, they still did so to demonstrate Apple’s sway over the world’s 1 billion Read More

iPhone Apple Water Resistance Class Action Lawsuit

Consumer Class Actions

Apple Water Resistance Class Action Lawsuit – Are iPhones Really Water-proof?

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the iPhone’s Water Resistance Claims In New York, Apple is being sued in a pending class action case over the iPhone’s water resistance, claiming that the brand exaggerated the iPhone’s water resistance in its advertisement. Apple iPhone Marketing Customers were duped by Apple’s illusionary differentiation between water-resistant and water-proof, according Read More

Sesame 9th Major Allergen


Sesame 9th Major Allergen! Biden Signs A New Law For Sesame Allergy…

President Biden signed a bill into law on Friday designating sesame as the 9th major food allergy and increasing allergy testing, enacting a bipartisan effort to counter the alarming rise of some deadly allergies.  The Senate passed the Food Allergy Protection, Treatment, Education, and Research (Faster) Act in March, and the House of Representatives passed Read More