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Top High Demand Products In 2021

Prices play a significant factor in commerce because it influences purchasing decisions. In a fair, open economy, pricing is dictated by two factors: supply and demand. The latter is an important aspect of commerce that both businesses and consumers keep an eye on. In commerce, demand refers to the consumers’ desire to purchase goods and Read More

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What is Social Commerce?

There have been different evolutions of retail since humans first began participating in commerce. Today, online shopping demonstrates how modern retail looks like. From e-commerce websites and their apps came social commerce, another avenue in which consumers can sell and buy products online. Social commerce is social networking’s sites way of catering to the commercial Read More

Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Syrup Class Action Lawsuit

Consumer Class Actions

Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Syrup Class Action Lawsuit – Pfizer Lying About The Effectiveness Of Its Syrup…

Court Permits Pfizer Robitussin MS Anti-Cough Drug Class Action To Push On  The class action against the drug manufacturer Pfizer that is accusing it of knowingly tricking its buyers into thinking that they are buying a more potent cough syrup (Maximum Strength Robitussin Anti-Cough Syrup), although it only has a lower ingredients concentration, is allowed to Read More

Johnson & Johnson And Costco Aveeno/Neutrogena Sunscreen MDL Settlement

Class Action Settlements

Johnson & Johnson And Costco Aveeno/Neutrogena Sunscreen MDL Settlement – Carcinogenic Benzene In Skin Products…

Initial Settlement Deal In Costco And Johnson & Johnson Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuit Cases Announced An initial settlement agreement has been forged between retailer Costco, Johnson & Johnson, and the plaintiffs that launched a class action against them for allegedly making, selling, and distributing Aveeno and Neutrogena sunscreen products that have benzene in them.  Click Read More

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Transparency: Why It Matters For Brands And Consumers

Nowadays, consumers have different mediums where they can control the conversation. They decide who they want to entertain and engage with and which ones to ignore. They know what they want to see, hear, and feel, which is why it’s essential for businesses to practice transparency. Being a transparent brand implies being open, genuine, and Read More

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Contactless Payment: The Mechanics Of Digital Wallets

Commerce has transitioned to digitization in the form of electronic payment methods. Besides online banking, another popular payment method available to consumers is digital wallets. They provide users with a lot of conveniences, which is why they continue to gain traction over time. Amidst the global pandemic, contactless payment became more significant in our lifestyle Read More

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Things You Should Know About Subscription Fraud

Subscription businesses have been around for a long time. They provide consumers with the option of paying for a product or service for as long as they desire. For most people, it’s a great deal because they find it more cost-effective. Subscription businesses have evolved from relying on snail mail to now allowing customers to Read More

Black Friday 2021 - What To Know As A Consumer

Consumer News

Black Friday 2021 – What To Know As A Consumer

What To Look Forward To In Black Friday 2021 As A Buyer Consider The Consumer readers, are you excited about this upcoming Black Friday? Whether you are eyeing to snag a great deal on a high-end digital device or you are just simply looking forward to getting that air fryer that you have been longing Read More

Uber Wait Time ADA Class Action Lawsuit

Consumer Class Actions

Uber Wait Time ADA Class Action Lawsuit – US Justice Department v. Uber Over Unfair Charges…

Justice Department: Uber’s ‘Wait Time’ Charge Violates The Rights Of People With Disabilities Ride-hailing service company Uber is being sued by the United States (U.S.) Justice Department for reportedly violating the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) by imposing an illegal ‘wait time’ fee on its disabled passengers.  United States of America v. Read More