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Scams Targeting Senior Citizens Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Scam Alert: 3 Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

Scammers often target elderly victims; they are likely to have money and are often less familiar with technology and thus less safeguarded against potential schemes. Here a few scams targeting senior citizens to be on the lookout for. The Grandparent Scam In this scam, a youthful scammer cold-calls an elderly person, calling them “Grandpa” or Read More

Gap Stays Profitable Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

The Gap Stays Profitable – Thanks Entirely to Old Navy

As second quarter earnings results were reported yesterday it looks like the Gap stays profitable in an industry struggling to adjust to changing consumer preferences and a retail environment in flux. The brand managed to show an increase in quarter-over-quarter sales across the entire company. Interestingly, this growth came entirely from a single brand under the Read More

Samsung Battery Recall Consider The Consumer

Advertising & Reviews

Samsung Battery Recall For Galaxy Note 4

It’s safe to say that Samsung has had a difficult year, though perhaps not as difficult as those who have been injured by their defective products have had. The company has featured heavily in the news in recent months thanks to the seemingly-unending saga regarding exploding batteries. In September 2016, Samsung recalled 97% of their Read More

Checks From Verizon Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

What’s Up With These Mysterious Checks From Verizon?

Most of us go to our mailboxes expecting to find bills sandwiched between stacks of junk mail. However, lucky Verizon Wireless customers in the state of New York have been receiving unexpected checks from Verizon in the mail for refunds of a gross revenue tax from 2008 to 2014. But why exactly is Verizon issuing Read More

Poland Spring Response Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Nestle/Poland Spring Response To Class Action Lawsuit

Recently, we published an article regarding the new Poland Spring Class Action Lawsuit. Shortly after we published, we were sent a Poland Spring response when a spokesperson for Nestlé Waters North America reached out to us to say the following: “For more than 170 years, Poland Spring® has delivered great tasting spring water from Maine Read More

Government Imposter Scam Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

FTC Warns Consumers of a New Government Imposter Scam

Scams like this Government Imposter Scam have been around in one form or another for as long as anyone can remember, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that one current iteration is still getting the best of consumers. The agency says that it has received reports of scammers calling unsuspecting consumers and purporting to Read More

Chipotle Battery Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

New Menu Item: The Chipotle Battery

A couple from Hackensack, New Jersey, has come out to say that they found a battery in their burrito bowl while eating dinner at Chipotle on Monday, August 7. This Chipotle battery appears to be from a wristwatch, and definitely has less protein than the carnitas option. The couple was said to have been halfway done Read More

Wells Fargo Auto Loans Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

The Saga Continues: Faux Wells Fargo Auto Loans

It has been reported that the well known, almost infamous, financial company/bank, Wells Fargo, has been automatically signing up car loan borrowers with car insurance, even if these customers were already covered. The company then demanded payment for these car premiums and put hundreds of thousands of people into default. If you have had any Wells Fargo Read More