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What We Do

Consider The Consumer is a leading source for real-time consumer fraud news. We are a team of journalists dedicated to exposing consumer fraud, promoting consumer safety, and discouraging unfair deceptive practices.  We feel passionate about what we do and will work tirelessly to help consumers wherever we can.

We cover legal investigations and ongoing lawsuits, and therefore offer a great outlet to showcase your lawsuits and case investigations.  Thousands of consumers visit our website daily, viewing and sharing our content across numerous social media outlets.

Please consider sending us your complaints, stories, editorials, exposés, or anything else consumer-fraud related – we very much welcome input from the legal community.  We are always striving to improve, so if you want to see something we don’t have, please let us know what we can do better.


What happens after I reach out to contact Consider The Consumer?

We review your message and weigh your options. For various consumer class actions and lawsuits, we are in contact with different firms handling said cases. If need be, we will pass on your information to these firm (with your permission) and continue to aid and help out in any way we can. If your message or complaint is not class actionable, we will do our best to handle it internally; reaching out to the company, service, etc., that you’re having the problem with, using our experience and leverage to get you the best possible service from them. We have been very successful in both of these cases, and we look forward to helping out many, many more consumers in the future.

Is my information kept private?

Absolutely. We are a secured website and will only share your information (usually your name, phone number, email address) with firms in which we are working with directly. Your information will never be shared with a third party or anything of the sort.

Can you help me start a Consumer Class Action that isn’t already reported on or covered on Consider The Consumer?

We’d love to. In this specific situation, the discretion of the potential case’s claims and allegations would be left up to the attorneys we’d present the case to, however, we highly encourage any and all ideas for new potential consumer class actions and consumer lawsuits. Even if your claims aren’t class actionable, there are definitely still ways for us to help out. So please don’t get discouraged, we’d love to hear all of your ideas and consumer complaints!