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SCAM ALERT: Pet Adoption Scam Rises Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

Animal shelters and organizations raise awareness of online puppy adoption scam, ask would-be furry guardians to check local animal shelters instead.

The current onslaught of the Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) has caused the increased numbers of online scams – one of them is the online pet adoption scam of which the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has warned consumers about.

You can find our full coverage of this pet adoption scam, here.

Along with the precautions sent out by authorities from the BBB, many animal shelters and animal welfare organizations have also raised their concerns regarding the online scam. Many have shared their solidarity with those who have fallen victims to these scams.

According to data compiled from complaints received by the BBB, many victims got swindled off of their money and ended up being heartbroken after con artists have tapped onto their need to have a companion due to the isolation brought on by the current pandemic.

They said that a better and much safer alternative is to get off the internet and visit a local animal shelter in one’s area.

One can also conduct their own research regarding the shelters in their locality to know whether they are the real deal or a scam.

Many of them already have an online presence, and therefore, you can reach out to them even before deciding to pay their physical location a visit.

Most animal welfare shelters ask for a small adoption fee and other miscellaneous fees such as legal documentation, medicine, shots for the animals, etc.

These details can and should be discussed when you already have made up your mind and still want to push through with the adoption process.

Pet Adoption Scam

Editor’s Note on Pet Adoption Scam During Covid-19:

This article is created to keep you informed of the details regarding the scams happening in the name of pet adoptions throughout the country. 

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