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SCAM ALERT: Idaho Authorities Warn Residents of Phone Scams

Idaho Phone Scammers Targeting For Gift Cards 

Residents of the Gem State, beware! State authorities have warned the general public residing in Idaho of the growing number of telephone scams that are taking place within the state.

An official statement from the Idaho State Police has warned residents to be vigilant with the phone scams that have recently targeted many Idaho residents.

According to a report appearing in the Bonner County Daily Bee website, as reports from victims started to reach the authorities, they were able to identify two of the modus operandi used by scammers.

One scam technique is trying to display a fake caller ID, which includes the words “ID State Police” to fool unknowing victims.

But just like most law enforcement agencies, the Idaho State Police does not have any caller ID. When one receives an official call from them, the phone will display a “No Caller ID” message.

According to the same Bonner County Daily Bee report, there was an incident wherein a woman from Treasure Valley answered a phone call from the scammers while they were out of town tending a sick family member.

When they received the call, they were worried and were expecting it to be a call regarding an emergency involving a loved one.

However, the one who called stated that their vehicle warranty was out of compliance.

It said that the woman needs to purchase and send gift cards to avoid being penalized. Thankfully, they recognized it was all bonkers and hung up the call.

But this was not the case for the victims of another Idaho phone scam that targeted registered sex offenders of the state.

The law enforcement officials have received reports from victims receiving calls telling that they are from the local sheriff’s office.

Some were either reported to have come from the Idaho State Police themselves.

During the calls, they were told that they were out of compliance, and to still remain free and not be caught, they need to pay a bond.

This bond came in the form of gift cards. According to authorities, many victims have fallen for this scam.

Idaho authorities have reiterated to residents that when somebody is trying to threaten them with jail time while over the phone and/or trying to ask them to purchase and send a gift card, the probability of it being a scam is very high.

“Education is the best defense,” the Idaho State Police said in a news release cited by the above Bonner County Daily Bee report.

Idaho Phone Scam Alert

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