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About us

Consumer Protection From Consumer Fraud!

Consider The Consumer was launched with one goal in mind: Inform you about scams and help get you payback!

Consumers are misled, lied to and ripped off on a daily basis. While many companies are ethical and honest, there are others whose business model is to rip-off and pickpocket consumers, often without them even knowing it.  Our mission to level the playing field against these bad players by exposing their misconduct.  Informed consumers can better protect themselves and avoid getting hurt in the future. Information is power!

Unfairness typically goes unpunished if it’s hidden — by shining a light on corporate misbehavior we hope to make the bad actors think and stop, or better yet, realize that its more advantages for them to make things right.  Exposure leads to government investigations and lawsuits and that is the last thing these companies want, so we polish our flashlight each every day and hope to make it shine a little brighter on their misconduct.

We report on and review marketed products that aren’t treating the public the way they should, and where necessary, we do our best to get the word out to the legal community who can turn up the heat on these corporate wrongdoers if our stories fail to do so.

We encourage you to contact us with your of gripes, grouses, or grumbles. If there is substance to them, we will do our research and you can be sure we’ll expose them to the world.

We can be reached through our submission tab, or directly by e-mail at Info@ConsiderTheConsumer.Com.