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Nickolas T. Walmart Settlement 2021 -Walmart Military Leave Class Action To Settle For $14 Million

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Nickolas T. Walmart Settlement 2021 -Walmart Military Leave Class Action To Settle For $14 Million…

Walmart Enters Into Agreement, Will Pay Up To $14 Million To Settle Military Workers Rights Lawsuit

Retail giant Walmart has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement to officially end the class action lawsuit filed against them concerning unpaid wages for military leaves.

Nickolas T. Walmart Settlement Agreement 

According to reports, Walmart has decided to accept the settlement agreement’s terms and conditions. It is said that the company would pay up to $14 million along with other set terms forwarded by the complainant. 

The settlement agreement stemmed from a class action lawsuit filed by an employee of the company. 

Nickolas T. alleged that Walmart has violated his and other similarly situated Walmart workers by not giving fully paid leave for those who availed a short-term military leave. 

Nickolas contended that Walmart had violated the USERRA law by withholding payment to its personnel who took time off work in the form of military leave. 

USERRA or Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act is a federal law passed by the United States Congress almost three decades ago to protect the worker rights of all military personnel of active and reserved statuses engaged in civilian employment whenever they are called to render their duty. 

The court hearing the case has not rendered its decision in the matter yet and has not sided with any of the concerned parties when the settlement agreement terms were accepted by Walmart. The lowest amount Walmart would be ordered to hand over is at $10 million, while the maximum amount is fixed at $14 million. 

Who Can Make A Claim? 

How to know if you can join in the Walmart Military Leave Class Action Lawsuit Settlement? You can have a look at the following requirements listed below:

  • You are a former or current Walmart employee who has taken a short-term military leave lasting for a month or less;
  • You have rendered military service between 10th October 2004 to 31st December 2020 while you have filed for military leave with Walmart;
  • You were not paid by Walmart for the days you were off work while doing military service. 

It was reported that Walmart has already identified and notified those who are eligible to join and receive a payment in the class action settlement. However, if you believe that you are qualified for compensation and have not received any notifications from Walmart, you can apply for a claim yourself at the settlement’s official site. 

For those who are going to manually apply for compensation, they would need to provide the necessary documentation to prove that they rendered services to the military during the above-mentioned period between 2004 and 2020. They may range from official attendance records, military pay statements, DD-214, and the like. 

The set deadline for the filing of claims is on 16th September 2021. If you are going to take longer to obtain such proofs and documentation, the settlement administrator allows you to file a claim first and follow through with the necessary documents soon after.

Information regarding the final amount each claimant would receive is still not yet released. It is said that each claimant’s payment check would be computed following a formula that would consider how many short-term military leaves they have taken with Walmart to render their service to the United States. 

The Walmart Military Leave Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is set to have a final approval hearing on 14th October 2021. 

About Walmart

Walmart is a company founded in Arkansas more than five decades ago. As of writing, the company currently has more than 10,000 locations spread across the United States and other countries abroad. Walmart operates and owns Sam’s Club retail stores and warehouses nationwide. The company has made more than $500 billion in revenue so far this year. 

Editor’s Note on Walmart Enters Into Agreement, Will Pay Up To $14 Million To Settle Military Workers Rights Complaint: 

This feature discusses the settlement agreement between Walmart and its employee Nickolas T. with regards to the Walmart Military Leave Class Action Lawsuit filed against the retail store company.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Nickolas T. Walmart Settlement 

Jurisdiction: USA

Products/Services Involved: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Allegation(s): Walmart management has violated USERRA law.

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