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Auto Part Delays Or Shortages Cause Lessees To Make Payments Without The Use Of The Vehicle

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Auto Part Delays Or Shortages Cause Lessees To Continue To Make Payments Without The Use Of The Vehicle

Automobile Leasing Companies May Be Improperly Charging You Lease Payments While Your Car Is Unusable And Awaiting Repair

Lessors of vehicles may be improperly collecting payments for leased vehicles that are inoperable due to repair times and parts delays.

Supply-chain shortages have caught car dealers and service centers by surprise and waiting times for repairs can last for months.  This can result in your vehicle being unusable for an extended period of time.

Despite leased vehicles being unusable for months, many lessors continue to collect lease payments against the vehicle while lessees cannot use the vehicle at all.  These payments are often collected without even offering lessees a replacement vehicle until the leased vehicle is repaired.

Lessors’ collection of lease payments while the lessor is deprived use of the vehicle is improper.  The leasing agreement is a contract in which the lessee obtains the use of a specific vehicle for a fixed period of time, often with the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the period. 

So long as the vehicle is inoperable and the lessee is without a working vehicle, the lessor is failing to perform on the contract.  In collecting the lease payments, the lessor is benefitting from the contract while failing to perform on the contract.

Are You A Victim?

If you are a lessee who made lease payments while your leased vehicle was under repair for an extended period of time due to part delays or shortages and no substitute vehicle was provided, you may have a claim against your leasing company. 

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