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McDonald's Happy Meal Slim Down Consider The Consumer

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McDonald’s To Slim Down The Happy Meal

McDonald’s has announced an initiative it calls a “commitment to support families” that includes revisions to its Happy Meal menu for children. Fairly or unfairly, McDonald’s — and fast food in general — has received a lot of the blame for childhood obesity. The fast food chain has taken steps in recent years to improve Read More

Scam Gram February 2018 Consider The Consumer

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Monthly Scam Gram From Consumer Action For February 2018

The following is your monthly Scam Gram shared by for the month of February, 2018. A Consumer Action News Alert • February 2018 • SCAM GRAM is Consumer Action’s monthly e-newsletter alerting you to the dirtiest players in the world of tech fraud, credit card scams, ID theft and general con-artistry. Don’t be fooled Read More

Nestle Responds Slave Labor Class Action Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Nestle Responds To Slave Labor Allegations and Recent Class Action

Yesterday, we published a story concerning a very new consumer class action against Nestle. The allegations put forth in the complaint reference Nestle’s business practices, insofar that they are using slave labor and child labor when importing cocoa beans from suppliers in the Ivory Coast. You may view that article, in its entirety, here. After our Read More

Jobs At Stanley Black and Decker Consider The Consumer

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Plans to Add 400 New Jobs At Stanley Black and Decker

There are plans to add over 400 jobs at Stanley Black and Decker. The company is looking to invest $8.5 million, building new office space at Greenleigh at Crossroads in White Marsh-Middle River. This expansion will bring the company’s total employment in Maryland alone to approximately 2,700. Stanley Black and Decker currently employs over 1,600 people Read More

Nestle Slave Labor Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Nestle Slave Labor Lawsuit Class Action Over Child and Slave Labor

Recently, per Seattle Law Firm Hagens Berman, consumers from Massachusetts filed a class-action lawsuit against Nestle for allegedly regularly importing cocoa beans from suppliers in the Ivory Coast using the worst forms of child labor as recognized by the UN, including dangerous child labor and the slave labor of trafficked children. The following is per a Hagens Read More

Starbucks Credit Cards Consider The Consumer

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Starbucks Credit Cards Launch, Teams Up With Visa

We will now have Starbucks credit cards after the company launched its Visa branded card that will integrate directly to the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Consumer Affairs reports that customers using the card, issued by JPMorgan Chase, can earn “Stars” with every purchase and redeem them for food and beverages at more than 8,000 participating Starbucks locations. If Read More

100 Calories of Super Bowl Food Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

What 100 Calories of Super Bowl Food Looks Like

The Super Bowl! An American Pastime like none other. We shall sit, stuff our faces, and make comments on how good looking Tom Brady truly is. (I mean, come on.) It is, though, the stuffing your face part that many people look forward to. The snacks and dishes served at parties are as much a part of Read More

Coffee Cancer Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Coffee Cancer Warnings: Will Coffee Shops Have To Post Warnings?

Very soon, coffee shops in California can be required to publish coffee cancer warnings on their store’s walls due to their state’s chemical list of chemicals with the potential to cause cancer. This list includes acrylamide — a chemical created during the roasting process. Under the state’s Proposition 65, businesses are required to let customers Read More