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After Equifax Breach, Credit Monitoring Interest Spikes

In the wake of the Equifax security breach that exposed personal information for 143 million consumers, cybersecurity companies are seeing a to of business, as consumer credit monitoring interest is through the roof. Bloomberg News reports Equifax knew about its server vulnerabilities as early as March, when its systems were breached for the first time. Company officials Read More

Grandparents Who Babysit Consider The Consumer

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Grandparents Who Babysit May In Fact Live Longer

For couples with kids, romance can often get put on the back burner — but regular date nights can help cut through some of the stress of parenting. When couples need to get out for a few hours, grandparents are often the first to volunteer to watch the kids. Now, a new study using data Read More

Cut Calories Live Longer Consider The Consumer

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Cut Calories Live Longer, A Recent Study Shows

For decades, there has been substantial research showing a strong bond between cutting calories and living longer. There has not been, however, a study which is able to establish why this is the case. But fear not you health nuts! For one was just published. Cut calories live longer. It is as simple as that, Read More

CCleaner Malware Breach Hack Consider The Consumer

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CCleaner Malware Breach Affects Consumers Worldwide

For years, the CCLeaner security program has been a well-trusted malware monitor, with little-to-no hiccups in its lifespan. Recently, however, consumers who believed that they were downloading the malware blocker, were instead downloading CCleaner malware, or malware which hacked and attached itself to the product through a supply chain attack, which usually happens when hackers Read More

Saving Money Consider The Consumer

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Consumers Still Have Issues Saving Money

Saving money is never easy, but for over 50% of consumers, this year has been really tough. Each year the personal finance site asks consumers how much money they’ve managed to save. This year 54% reported having less than $1,000 in the bank. While that might not sound like the good news, it is. Last Read More

Equifax Waited Months Consider The Consumer

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BREAKING: Equifax Waited Months Before Fixing Their Security Issues

Welp, the saga continues. After about a week’s worth of news damaging the company name, it surfaced this morning that Equifax waited months before finally admitting to having to fix a widely known vulnerability in its security software which enabled hackers to compromise the personal information of as many as 143 million US consumers. “We know that criminals Read More

July Job Report Consider The Consumer

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July Job Report Shows Opening Edge Upward In July

Consumers looking for a job in July found there were more positions available than there were a month earlier, according to the July job report. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), there were 6.170 million openings in July, versus the 6.116 million found in June. The slight increase put the job openings rate at 4.0% as Read More

what should i know about identity theft consider the consumer

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What Should I Know About Identity Theft? Look No Further

Recently, we have reported on a few identity theft based stories after the massive Equifax Data Breach. When Equifax reported this massive data breach, you may have been concerned that you could become a victim of identity theft. On the other hand, you might be only vaguely aware of the threat and not sure what identity Read More

what is single payer healthcare consider the consumer

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What Is Single Payer Healthcare? A Go To Guide

Health coverage has been in the news in a big way this year, thanks to Republican-led efforts in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) throughout the spring and summer. That plan ultimately failed, but both sides of the political aisle do agree on one thing: There’s a lot of room to go on improving Read More

things to remember after the equifax breach consider the consumer

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Things To Remember After The Equifax Breach

As everyone now knows, 143 million Americans had their personal data compromised during a two-month-long data breach at credit reporting agency Equifax earlier this year. Authorities are now reminding consumers to watch out for bad actors looking to profit from everyone’s worries about their newfound vulnerability. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Monday warned consumers to be vigilant against Read More

Sue Equifax Automatically Consider The Consumer

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Sue Equifax Automatically, With One Click

The entrepreneur behind DoNotPay, a free online chatbot that has successfully fought around 375,000 parking tickets in New York, Seattle, and the U.K., is launching a new service on Tuesday that will allow people to sue Equifax automatically, for $15,000, with one click. On September 7, Equifax revealed a massive cybersecurity breach that potentially exposed the Social Security numbers and Read More

List of Class Action Lawsuits Filed Recently Consider The Consumer

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Complete List of Class Action Lawsuits Filed Recently

The following is a list of class action lawsuits filed recently shared with us by our friends at Class Actions Reporter. Class Action Lawsuits Cutter and Repel “Natural” Mosquito and Bug Repellant Investigation These days, people are concerned about exposure to artificial, chemical, or toxic substances. Companies often charge more for natural products, but many Read More