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coronavirus mutations


Coronavirus Mutation – Covid’s Updates…

COVID-19 UPDATE: All About The Corona Virus Mutation And The Answers To Everybody’s Questions With the news everywhere that a COVID mutation has been discovered in the United States, we here at Consider The Consumer has taken the liberty to answer the questions that you may have in mind in light of the matter. Why Read More

Coronavirus can Live on Phone Screens for 28 Days COVID-19 has Longer Lifespan Consider The Consumer

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COVID News: The Coronavirus can Live on Phone Screens for 28 Days

New Study Suggests COVID-19 has Longer Lifespan A new study has revealed that the coronavirus can live on smooth surfaces such as phones for up to 28 days. Researchers from Australia’s national science agency reported the virus has the capacity to remain active under “controlled temperature and humidity conditions.” Some of the findings in the Read More

28,000 Disney Employees Laid Off Disney Layoffs Consider The Consumer

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28,000 Disney Employees Laid Off Due to the Coronavirus Impact

Disney Layoffs Deemed “Heartbreaking” By Company Disney has announced its “difficult” decision to lay off 28,000 employees because of the COVID-19 impact. The affected employees will mainly come from the company’s U.S. theme parks, with a few from its customer product division. According to Disney’s head of parks, Josh D’Amaro, the pandemic has led to Read More

Insurance Companies Coronavrius Consider The Consumer

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U.S. Insurers Pressured to Pay Business Loss Claims Due To Coronavirus

Reuters Reports the following: U.S. commercial insurers face mounting political pressure to cover claims from businesses that are losing revenue because of coronavirus shutdowns ordered by state and local governments. Insurers have begun rejecting claims from restaurants and other businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis as more lawmakers consider forcing them to pay out for Read More

Coronavirus Nursing Home Lawsuit COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Nursing Home Neglect: Coronavirus Nursing Home Lawsuits Filed

COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawsuits Being Filed As we continue to endure the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s being revealed that the virus is disproportionately affecting elderly patients. Now, in most of these patients, including older and sickly nursing home residents, we’re seeing that coronavirus can be quite lethal. Due to this, it is imperative for Nursing Read More