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Tellza & R Squared warning FCC 2021


Tellza & R Squared To Be Banned If Illegal Activities Don’t Stop – FCC Orders…

Officials from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have warned two phone carriers for allegedly facilitating illegal robocalls. 

According to reports, the FCC has sent out warning letters to R Squared and Tellza in order to notify them of the agency’s concerns about them conducting allegedly illegal activity. 

The letters warned the two phone carriers to stop their activities of letting illegal robocalls’ continued proliferation under their watch. 

They were ordered to “cease transmitting such traffic immediately” alongside taking the necessary steps to stem the continued rising tide of illegal robocalls. 

Authorities have cited several reported instances wherein the two phone carriers allegedly enabled imposters and scammers to use their carrier lines in order to perform mischievous and malicious activities. 

Fraudsters reportedly used Tellza to call customers pretending to be representatives from various utility companies and Apple customer service representatives. 

Meanwhile, scammers used R Squared to spread different types of scams ranging from car warranty to credit card rate reduction – all of them being fake. 

In light of the situation, they have warned that if both R Squared and Tellza did not do anything to address the issues raised by the FCC, they would face dire consequences – the worst-case scenario resulting in the two being blocked from phone networks. 

Officials have handed down an order to the two – take immediate action within 48 hours upon receipt of the letter or inform the agency of the steps taken within 14 days. 

Failure to do so would cut them off of access to downstream voice service providers. 

Company representatives from both R Squared and Tellza reached back to the FCC in order to immediately report on the steps they have taken to stop the illegal activities being conducted in their networks. 

Furthermore, they have laid out and shared their plans and initiatives to keep their network lines free from any illegal activity. 

Besides calling out the two erring phone carrier companies, the FCC also urged other industry players to address the growing issues of robocalls and other illegal activities conducted over the phone. 

Acting Chairwoman of the agency Jessica Rosenworcel assured the public that the FCC is working together with industry members and partners to crack down on the continued proliferation of illegal robocalls in the country. 

Editor’s Note on FCC Warns Tellza & R Squared To Stop Illegal Activities: 

This latest feature aims to give you the most recent updates concerning officials from the FCC warning phone carriers to take steps to stop illegal activity in their respective networks. 

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