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Uber Background Checks – How Uber Cares About Its Passengers’ Safety…

Does Uber Conduct Background Checks On Its Drivers? – A Quick Rundown

After being bombarded with a myriad of legal challenges in relation to its drivers’ sexual assault towards its passengers, people are wondering as to how does Uber performs background checks on its drivers in the name of its clients’ safety.

Uber Drivers Background Checks Explained

Per Consider The Consumer’s research, it is said that Uber indeed performs a background check on its drivers prior to their admission to the company’s pool of driver employees. 

According to reports, Uber looks into its drivers’ criminal records and motor vehicle reports as part of its employee background check. 

As Uber states, it automatically disqualifies a driver applicant if it finds out that they are convicted of a crime like sexual assault, discovered to be included in the registry of sex offenders, and/or are facing pending charges. 

Also, sources suggest that the company will go back as early as seven years in conducting its drivers’ background checks.

Per press time, it is said that Uber routinely checks its driver’s records.

Uber Asked To Reform And Improve Its Checks

Nevertheless, government officials have called on Uber and other ride-hailing companies to strengthen their background checks in the name of the safety of the general public, most especially those belonging to the ridership segment of the population.

Nonetheless, although the question ‘does Uber do background checks’ on its drivers have been answered, there are proponents out there that argue that it alone will not solve the issue of sexual assault plaguing the company.

Editor’s Note on Uber Background Checks:

This article is written about Uber’s background checks on its drivers. If you are interested in joining Uber, we would recommend you read our article: Is U. Eats Worth It?

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