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New York Attorney General Closes Fake Breast Cancer Charity

In today’s “oh…wow…” news, we find out that for years, a fake breast cancer charity named the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation has solicited contributions, claiming it was providing medical services to cancer victims. It was New York Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman, who claimed that the entire foundation was a fraud, bringing to light their antics.

“There are few things more galling than pretending to help cancer patients, when you’re really just lining your own pockets. But that’s exactly what those behind the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation did – siphoning millions in profits for themselves and sending less than four cents of every dollar raised to medical clinics,” he said.

Schneiderman announced a settlement with the Foundation and its president and founder, Dr. Yulius Poplyansky, under which the organization will close down its operations and pay nearly $350,000, which will be directed to legitimate breast cancer organizations.

92 cents of every dollar

Schneiderman went on to claim that the foundation was a nothing but a “shell charity created and run by its primary outside fundraiser, Mark Gelvan, in order to line the pockets of Gelvan, his companies, and his business associates – who pocketed 92 cents of every dollar donated to BCSF.”

BCSF was founded in 2010 and began soliciting in New York shortly thereafter. By 2014, BCSF was raising on average $3 million a year nationwide from its telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

Consumer Affairs tells us that the Attorney General’s investigation found that Dr. Poplyansky started BCSF at the encouragement of Mark Gelvan, a professional fundraiser and longtime family friend whose relationship with Poplyansky’s family dated back to the 1970s.

Dr. Poplyansky had no training or experience in managing or leading any type of charitable enterprise, let alone a fake breast cancer charity. He and the other board members of BCSF allowed Mark Gelvan to run BCSF and turn it into a cash cow for Gelvan and his businesses, Schneiderman said. Mark Gelvan has been barred from the professional fundraising industry in New York since 2004, following litigation brought by the Attorney General.

If you or a loved one has been affected by this news, please contact us today. Consider The Consumer is investigating more into this case, and are intending to take some sort of action. If we can provide any updates, we will do so here.

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