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Beware the Alleged Driveway Paving Scam!

What’s the Driveway Paving Scam?

Recently, the Division of Consumer Affairs issued a warning to consumers upon receiving numerous reports of an alleged driveway paving scam.

In one of the complaints, a man offering a deal on leftover material approached neighbors. Afterward, the people agreed to pay $1,500 in exchange for their driveway being repaired.

Unfortunately, the work crew failed to finish the job, saying that they ran out of asphalt. Then, the worker asked for a higher price to finish the repair.

According to reports, the operator in the complaints is Robert Stevens with the company Blacktop Pros.

Also, a complaint by the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office for deceptive trade practices was named under the same name.

The authorities confirmed that the operators may have used the following business names:

  • Robert Stevens Construction
  • R S Asphalt
  • Pro-Pave Asphalt

The scheme of these scammers is simple. They offer great deals for cash on the spot, saying that they have extra material from a nearby project. Unfortunately, they will deliver mediocre outputs and the final cost will be higher than what’s agreed upon. Most of the time, these people will say that they will come back the next day to complete the job. However, they never return.

Furthermore, the Division of Consumer Affairs urges consumers to use resources available online to thoroughly study a business before paying for their services.

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