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Coronavirus Scam Alert: Beware The Stimulus Package Scam

As our usual world is put on hold for a bit, we’ve been seeing a rise in COVID-19 scams we should all be keeping an eye on. We urge you to stay vigilant and alert, as well as healthy, through these times! Don’t fall for any Coronavirus Scams, but be especially wary of the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Scam! 

Police Precincts around the country have reported that scammers are making phone calls asking for personal information in order to get their government stimulus package.

Currently, Florida’s attorney general’s office is warning about other scams circulating right now including door-to-door sales of testing kits, cleaning supplies and people trying to get donations for fake charities.

Please know that you should NEVER give your personal information to unsolicited calls, look up charities yourself before making any type of donation and be a smart shopper. There’s no need to over-stock on supplies, especially ones that people are trying to sell at your front door.

Your Source for Coronavirus Scams

Along with identifying and tracking coronavirus scams, Consider The Consumer will also be hard at work reporting on any good news surrounding COVID-19 as well!

If you have any additional information regarding good news on the virus, or circulating scams targeting the virus hysteria, we ask that you contact us immediately! Feel free to shoot us an email to You can also find us on TwitterFacebook, InstagramLinkedIn, or even connect with us directly on our website!

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