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Iovate Green Coffee Class Action Lawsuit

Below is a report by Class Actions Reporter on the recent Iovate Green Coffee Class Action suit:

This class action alleges that Iovate Health Sciences violated California consumer protection laws by selling a variety of weight loss supplements that claim cause weight loss in a  scientifically proven manner in fact the science does not properly exist.

Iovate sells a variety of weight loss supplement including Gardenia Cambodia Plus. Gardenia Cambodia Plus Gummies, Coconut Oil, Green Coffee Bean, Matcha Green Tea Plus, Probiotics Plus Weight Loss, Raspberry Ketones Plus, Konjac Root Plus, Xendarine Core and Xendarine Ultimate.

The advertised main weight loss ingredient is “Green Coffee” extract .  Green coffee is simply coffee that has not been roasted that are therefore richer in chlorogenic acids. Some suggest that these compounds have antioxidant activities and can help one lose weight. When coffee is roasted, its chlorogenic acid content is greatly reduced.

The scientific evidence does not yet support the idea that green coffee promotes weight loss.

The complaint alleges that Iovate claimed that there were two scientific studies to support its weight loss claim.  First the complaint argues that Iovate can only point to a single study to support its weight loss claim.  Second, the scientific process and conclusions of the single study is brought into question in the complaint.  Essentially the complaint argues that there is in fact no real science to support the weight loss claims.

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