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Westinghouse Generator Recall Announced; Potential Fire Hazard

Generators Leak Fuel, Poses Fire Hazard; More on the Westinghouse Generator Recall

About 7,500 dual-fuel generators were recalled by Westinghouse for fuel leaks from the generator’s fuel filter which can cause fires. There are already 26 incidents of generators leaking fuel reported to Westinghouse, but none reported fire or injuries.

The recall is for the generator models WGen5300DFv and iGen4500DF, the number found in white print on both side panels of the generator, and with the serial number that begins with 04511A1019, 04511A1219, or 5311A1219, found on the back panel of the generator.

The recalled generators were sold from January 2020 through May 2020, for $450 and $1,050, on the following retailers:

  • Sam’s Club stores nationwide and online







  • other online retailers

Next Step

Consumers affected by the recall are advised to immediately cease using the recalled generators and contact MWE Investments to arrange for a free repair.

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