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Toyota Venza Recall Airbags 2021


Toyota Venza Airbag Recall 2021 – Possible Lethal Injury From Defective Airbags…

Authorities Order Recall Of Certain Toyota Venza SUV Models Due To Reported Airbag Defects

Authorities over at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered the recall of airbags on select Toyota Venza SUV models due to fears that they won’t deploy in case a car crash occurs. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has released a notice order warning Toyota owners and lessees that some of the company’s Venza SUVs have an issue with their airbags which may lead to a launching failure during times of emergency. 

Reportedly, a wiring problem has been pinpointed as the root cause of the issue. 

Experts shared that the wires located in the car’s doors may get in contact with a grommet, resulting in the built-in airbag sensor to malfunction. 

Officials estimate that the recall covers almost 280,000 vehicles. 

Besides concerns revolving around the defective airbags, the NHTSA also found out that the wiring issue can cause a warning light to appear on the car’s dashboard. 

So far, there are more than 50 warranty reports of damage reported to the authorities concerning the said wiring issue. 

The Toyota Venza SUV Airbag Recall will commence on the last day of May this year. 

This is not the first time a car manufacturer has been embroiled in a recall order due to allegedly defective parts on their vehicle offerings. 

One of the most well-known recalls in recent memory is the recall concerning defective Takata airbags. 

Almost twenty companies have been ordered by the authorities to recall their defective vehicles in order to ensure compliance with consumer safety regulations. 

NHTSA officials say that there are an estimated 67 million airbags covered by the recall. 

Authorities have encouraged the general public to stay updated in the news as recall orders that may concern them and their vehicles are reported frequently. 

How To Know If Your Toyota SUV Is Included In The Recall

The NHTSA has warned the general public to check whether their Toyota vehicle is included in this latest round of recall. 

Here are the key details that you need to know in order to determine if your vehicle is a part of the Toyota Venza SUV Airbag Recall:

  • You own or lease a Toyota Venza SUV;
  • Your Toyota Venza SUV’s model year is any from 2009 to 2015;
  • You may have or have not yet experienced any defects on the car’s airbags; and, 
  • You may have already or have not yet gotten your car repaired for the said airbag defect.

Toyota company representatives promised its customers that they would take responsibility for the issue. 

They call on customers to bring in their eligible Toyota Venza SUVs to a local dealer for a free inspection and repair. 

Additionally, if a customer has already gotten their car repaired due to the said airbag defect, they will be reimbursed the cost that they have paid out-of-pocket. 

Toyota Venza SUV owners and lessees who have additional concerns or queries in mind can contact the company’s customer service line at 800-331-4331.

Editor’s Note on Toyota Venza Airbag Recall 2021: 

This news article aims to give you the latest information regarding the recall order concerning almost 280,000 affected Toyota Venza SUVs. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): NHTSA Recall No.: 21V-257

Jurisdiction: USA

Products/Services Involved: Toyota Venza SUV

Allegation(s): Some models of Toyota’s Venza SUVs contain a defect that may cause its airbags not to launch during vehicular emergencies. 

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