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The Boppy Company Loungers Recall 2021


The Boppy Company Loungers Recall 2021 – Baby Pillows Lead To Death…

More Than 3 Million Pillows Made By The Boppy Company Recalled Due To Purported Suffocation Hazards 

The Boppy Company’s Loungers pillows are involved in a recent recall order after it was found out that some of them pose a serious suffocation hazard towards its infant users. 

Officials Announce Recall Of Pillow Products 

According to a report by the United States (U.S.) Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, the pillow product in question is the Boppy Pillow Loungers made for very young children by The Boppy Company. 

Per the latest figures, the company recalled around 3.3 million potentially dangerous Boppy Pillow Loungers from the market nationwide. 

Further detailing the reason behind the recall, officials from the CPSC has warned customers that infants may not be able to breathe properly if they happen to move, rollover, or are placed in a position where breathing is infeasible with the use of the Boppy Pillow Loungers. In addition, authorities have warned clients that currently own the pillow product to stop using the recalled item as soon as possible. 

Reports suggest that around eight deaths were directly attributed to the suffocation hazard posed by using the Boppy Pillow Loungers. 

The Boppy Company Loungers Recall’s Initial Details 

The Boppy Company offered to refund consumers who have bought the recalled pillow offering. To know more about the process, Consider The Consumer has listed down a few important details you need to know. Read on to learn more about them.

  • The products included in the latest Boppy Pillow Loungers Recall are only the following variants: the Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Loungers, Boppy Original Newborn Loungers, and Boppy Preferred Newborn Loungers;
  • Recalled items were sold at any of the following outlets:, Target, Walmart, and Pottery Barn Kids
  • If you have bought a recalled item between 2004 and September of this present year, you may be entitled to receive a refund from The Boppy Company.

Refund Procedures For Recalled Boppy Pillow Lounger Items 

The company behind the recalled pillow offering, The Boppy Company, has reported that they are willing to refund clients if they religiously follow the mentioned steps below.

  • To be allowed to participate in the refund process, one must first accomplish a refund form on the official Boppy Pillow Lounger recall site;
  • Pieces of information like the pillow’s item number, date code, and others will need to be submitted to the company via the form;
  • Having a copy of the product’s receipt when you bought it may come in handy; and
  • Finally, one should cut their recalled Boppy Pilloy Lounger item in their possession into two and send a copy of the photo via the company’s email, mail, or text. 

Editor’s Note on The Boppy Company Loungers Recall 2021: 

This article aims to give you the latest details regarding the recall news surrounding The Boppy Company’s pillow products and their alleged dangers towards their infant audiences. We also suggest you to read the Christina Prudencio Settlement

Case Name(s) & No.: The Boppy Company Loungers Recall 2021; Recall No.: 21-198

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC

Products/Services Involved: A variety of Boppy Pillow Loungers 

Allegation(s): More than 3 million pillows manufactured and sold by The Boppy Company pose serious hazards to their infant users.  

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