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Tesla Recalls Model 3 and Model Y In China Via Software Updates


Tesla Recalls Model 3 and Model Y In China Via Software Updates – Nearly 300,000 Teslas Affected With Autopilot Issue

Tesla Inc. Recalls Nearly 300,000 Vehicles in China Due to an Autopilot Defect

Tesla has voluntarily recalled nearly 300,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China due to an autopilot issue that, in extreme cases, may result in accidents. However, the problem can be resolved via a software update, eliminating the need for customers’ affected vehicles to visit a service center.

Tesla Inc. China Recall 2021: Model 3 and Model Y

According to CNBC, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation declared that Tesla recalled vehicles in the country via a software update to address potential safety issues with the driver-assistance systems in 285,520 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

The regulator stated that under some scenarios, such as while making a sharp turn, drivers might accidentally switch the active cruise control system in affected vehicles “on” or “off.” According to the recall notice, if the features were activated accidentally, Tesla vehicles might rapidly accelerate, resulting in a collision.

Tesla recalls 249,855 Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers built in Shanghai and 35,665 Model 3 vehicles built in the United States and shipped to China.

The company has classified the software update as a recall, even though the vehicles do not need to be taken to service centers in order to address any safety risks found.

Tesla Inc.’s Quality Control

Tesla has encountered a series of setbacks in the Chinese market in recent months, including quality concerns, high-profile crashes, price revisions, and recalls. In reaction to the public relations disaster, the company reportedly contacted social media influencers and requested they remove unpleasant posts.

Taylor Ogan, CEO of Snow Bull Capital—which focuses on innovative vehicle technology—told CNBC that the recall could benefit Tesla.

He stated that while most vehicles have experience recalls, not all vehicle manufacturers can provide a software patch without requiring to visit a physical dealership. Therefore, potential customers may view this as a service center.

Tesla is currently facing legal action in the United States for various issues, including a class action lawsuit alleging that some Tesla batteries are defective and that the company misleads customers about its capacity to avoid having to replace it under warranty.

Editor’s Note on Tesla Recalls Model 3 and Model Y In China Via Software Updates:

This article is written to advise you of Tesla Inc.’s recall of nearly 300,000 vehicles in China for a software update.

Case Name & No.: Tesla Inc. Model 3 and Model Y Recall China

Jurisdiction: China

Products/Services: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles

Allegations: Model 3 and Model Y’s autopilot issue may result in an accident

Status: On-going

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