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Target Shower Stool Recall 2021


Target Shower Stool Recall 2021 – Unstable Room Essentials Shower Stools Pose Injury Risks…

Target Recalled Shower Stools Due To Alleged Hazards 

Authorities have released another recall announcement, this time involving shower stool products from Target, suspected of posing a serious risk to its users due to their alleged structural instability. 

Users May Injure Themselves Using Recalled Shower Stool

According to a recall order announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, more than fifty thousand Room Essentials Shower Stools sold in Target are ordered to be pulled out of all the company’s physical locations nationwide. Orders made online were also covered in the recent recall release. 

Why the recall, you may ask? Target company officials have initiated the recall due to reports that consumers have been injured using the recalled shower stools.

The reported cases involved instances wherein users were using their Target three-legged shower stool when it suddenly became unstable, resulting in a handful of falls. 

As of press time, there were more than ten documented instances of customers getting hurt due to the alleged defect. Among them, they sustained injuries ranging from bumps, bruises to sprains. So far, no serious injuries were tallied. 

Furthermore, authorities have raised concerns that besides the alleged product instability while in use, the shower stools have a tendency to become slippery when they become wet. 

Elderly users and people with disabilities and limited mobility are exposed to a much higher risk of slipping and injuring themselves with the aforementioned hazard. 

Target Room Essentials Shower Stool Recall 2021

Recall Details

Target has released the following information consumers need to note to know whether they are included in the recall order:

  • The name of the item that is affected by the recall is Room Essentials Shower Stool. 
  • Shower stools that are a part of the recall order are in an off-white color and are said to have a height of 18 inches. They possess an easy-to-identify curved-shaped seating and an aluminum frame. 
  • They have a “Room Essentials” logo on the product’s surface. 
  • The affected items have the item number “064-20-1091” indicated via a print on the product’s front tag. 
  • Consumers who have bought their Room Essentials Shower Stool between March of 2019 to September of 2020 in Target stores or their online shop are included in the recall. 

Target representatives, on their part, have shared that the company will initiate a refund drive involving their allegedly defective shower stool offerings. 

They have reminded customers to cease using the said items right away and reach the nearest store location to have their money refunded.

About Target

Target Corporation, or simply called Target in this feature, is considered the eighth-largest retail chain in the country. 

With revenues of more than $75 billion in 2019, the company owns many subsidiaries under its helm, including Ship, Target Creative, and others. Target is under its parent company Dayton’s. 

Editor’s Note on Target Shower Stool Recall 2021: 

This recall alert aims to inform you of the latest pull-out order initiated by Target involving their allegedly hazardous Room Essentials Shower Stools. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Target Shower Stools Recall; Recall number: 21-141

Jurisdiction: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Products/Services Involved: Target’s Room Essentials Shower Stool

Allegation: Target’s shower stool poses many hazards and risks to its users, which may cause possible injuries. 

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