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SOWTECH Espresso Recall 2021 - Almost 25,000 Coffee Machines Recalled Over Serious Injuries


SOWTECH Espresso Recall 2021 – Almost 25,000 Coffee Machines Recalled Over Serious Injuries…

25K Espresso Machines From Sowtech Recalled Due To Fears Of Glass Breakage And Injury 

Almost a quarter of a hundred thousand coffee maker machines were recalled by the authorities after finding that they potentially posed serious risks and danger to coffee lovers. 

SOWTECH Coffee-making Machine Products Recalled Off The Market 

According to online reports, the coffee-making product in question is SOWTECH’s coffee espresso machine. The company behind the product, LoHi Tech, has announced the recall in conjunction with the federal consumer rights office Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Per estimates shared online, it is said that there are almost 25,000 units that were a part of the recall. They were ordered to be recalled after discovering that the SOWTECH espresso machine’s glass carafe component can break and cause harm. This may potentially result in very hot liquid spilling out of its confines and pose a possible burning risk to consumers. 

A glass carafe is a component in the espresso machine that contains a vacuum space between two of its walls to ensure that the heat within will be maintained at all costs. 

It is believed that more than forty people have reportedly experienced difficulties and accidents while using the SOWTECH espresso machines and that the glass carafe component unexpectedly explodes. 

Although details were scarce regarding the injuries caused by the exploding incidents, an online video showed how much damage a defective SOWTECH espresso machine can incur to its users and their property. 

The video shows a person detailing that their espresso machine caused their bathroom shower door to shatter.

Officials have warned customers that own a SOWTECH espresso machine to halt using them immediately and check out for further instructions on whether they are safe to use or not. 

Recall Brief 

Consider The Consumer has taken note of the important details to check to know if your espresso machine is included in the list of the affected products of the SOWTECH Espresso Machine Recall:

  • You have bought a SOWTECH espresso-making machine for $60 on Amazon’s online store platform or on LoHi Tech’s official webpage;
  • The date of purchase falls between the months starting from March 2017 to October 2020;
  • Your SOWTECH espresso machine has a glass carafe component to it upon availing it;
  • Check if a print containing the label ‘SOWTECH’ is located on the front of the recalled espresso machine while the words’ Model CM6811′ are plastered on the product unit’s bottom labels.

Editor’s Note on SOWTECH Espresso Recall 2021:

This recall article talks about the latest order released by the authority covering thousands of reportedly defective SOWTECH espresso coffee machines that may cause bodily harm to an individual operating them. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): SOWTECH Espresso Machine Recall; Recall No.: 21-762

Jurisdiction: United States’s Consumer Protection Safety Commission

Products/Services Involved: SOWTECH Espresso-making Machine by LoHi Tech Inc.

Allegation(s): The glass carafe component of the espresso machine made by LoHi Tech may hurt its user and damage surrounding properties and items while in use. 

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