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Samsung Washer Mold Recall

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Samsung Washer Mold Recall – Lawsuit Detail

Samsung Ordered A Recall Due To Front Load Washers Mold Issues

Samsung has cemented itself as a premier consumer electronics company all these years – manufacturing electronics and appliances ranging from the most powerful smartphones to the most useful home appliances that one finds useful at home.

Yes, that is right! Samsung does create not only cellphones, which they are well-known for but also home appliances too! Ranging from refrigerators to washers and not what else!

They also offer many varied models, makes, and shapes that have their own unique features. One of its most famous products, the Samsung Front Load Washer, has been involved in a recall wherein many consumers have gotten themselves involved.

According to several complaints circulated in the general public, molds were found on several models of the Samsung Front Load Washer.

The Samsung front load washer mold was said to have caused the machines to have a “moldy or mildewy odor,” reported by Sarah Gilbert on Top Class Actions.

These odors have been reported to cling on to the interior of the front load washer and the clothes put inside for washing.

A lawsuit was filed against the company at a New Jersey court regarding the Samsung front load washer mold recall debacle that ended up getting dismissed in 2014.

Judge William J. Martini ruled out of favor of the plaintiffs of the class action due to many issues at hand that they were not able to present arguments while in court.

The class action lawsuit revolved around the claims made by plaintiffs Jeanne Spera and Bethany Mizell that the Samsung front load washer mold was caused by the faulty design and the serious manufacturing defects the affected models underwent.

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