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Pure Eire Dairy Yogurt Recall 2021 Risks of E. coli


Pure Eire Dairy Yogurt Recall 2021 – Risks of E. coli As Many Fall Sick…

Due To Possible Link To E. coli Cases, Pure Eire Dairy Company Issues Yogurt Recall Announcement

Heads up, dairy lovers, most especially those who like having yogurt on their meals and diets! The latest voluntary recall order is released involving Pure Eire Dairy after reports of E. coli, or Escherichia coli cases were directly attributed to their yogurt products. 

Evergreen State-based Dairy Company Informs Consumers Of Recall

Based in Washington, Pure Eire Dairy has announced its intentions of pulling out all of its yogurt product offerings from store shelves due to series of reports wherein victims have fallen ill after allegedly consuming their products. 

The announcement was made via a social media post on the company’s official page informing their customers of the news. 

Furthermore, they have announced the list of brands that are included in the recall, including their PCC Community Market branded yogurt items. 

Local state health officials have made a report to the public that there were reported cases of people getting sick, possibly due to E. coli allegedly found in Pure Eire Dairy’s yogurt lineup. 

The Department of Health of Washington hypothesized that the contamination involved a strain of E. coli linked to multiple people getting sick. In fact, current data show that 11 people, including children, ended up seeking medical attention due to their sickness.

Some were reported to end up suffering from serious complications of E. coli.

Authorities have warned the general public to avoid consuming any of Pure Eire Dairy yogurt products, most especially their PCC Community Market yogurt item. 

They implored them to throw away theirs if they had already purchased the products before the recall announcement was publicized. 

A Preemptive Move

Pure Eire Dairy is still awaiting official testing results on its products; however, as a preventive measure, it has pushed through with the recall announcement to assure its consumers’ safety. 

The company has reached out to its distribution partners and retailers, asking to voluntarily remove their yogurt products from their shelves amidst the alleged contamination crisis. 

 The dairy company has stressed to the public that they take such issues seriously, and they are putting their customers’ health and safety on top of their priorities hence the nonmandatory product pullout order.

About The Company

Pure Eire Dairy is a local Washington-based dairy company owned by the duo Jill and Richard Smith. 

The company’s official site state that they offer a series of products, including whole milk, grass-fed butter, yogurt, and the like. 

In this case, the company’s PCC Community Market branded yogurt products are in the middle of a controversy linking them to a local E. coli outbreak in the state. 

Editor’s Note on Pure Eire Dairy Yogurt Recall 2021: 

This feature article’s goal is to give you information about the recent voluntary recall order reported by Pure Eire Dairy to quell concerns about their items allegedly being contaminated and sickening a handful of people. 

Case Name(s) & No: Pure Eire Dairy Yogurt Recall 2021

Jurisdiction: USA

Products/Services Involved: PCC Community Market yogurt brand by Pure Eire Dairy

Reason: Pure Eire Dairy’s select yogurt items contained E. coli and inadvertently caused sickness to a number of individuals. 

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