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Philips Ventilators Recall 2021


Philips Ventilators Recall 2021 – Over 3 Million Ventilators Affected!

Philips Orders Recall Of More Than 3 Million Respiratory Support Devices Due To Health Risks

Philips has initiated a recall of its Ventilators due to the allegedly potential risks they pose to the user’s health. 

Philips Breathing Devices Cause Serious Health Concerns

According to reports, Philips has moved to pull out some models of its breathing device offerings in the market after discovering that they may adversely affect a user’s health. To be specific, it was found out that the breathing devices pose a chemical exposure risk to the patient that is utilizing them. 

It was reported that the foam used to lessen the noise the breathing device makes while at use is behind the possible chemical exposure hazard. The foam material is purportedly made out of a chemical known as polyurethane, a polyester-based product. 

According to the study conducted by Philips, the foam can break down into small particles of which the oblivious user may inhale while using the breathing apparatus. Additionally, these particles may continue to float into the air, and the user may ingest them accidentally. Members attending to a patient’s needs while using the device may also accidentally inhale the said small particles. 

Patients and their loved ones inadvertently exposed to the microscopic foam pieces may experience a plethora of symptoms ranging from headaches, inflammation to irritation. Worse, they may develop cancer and other respiratory tract health concerns.

The foam used also poses severe additional health concerns as it may possibly off-gas certain chemicals. This means that the small foam particles can set off a reaction after they break down into smaller particles. Some symptoms of off-gassing scenarios include vomiting, dizziness, and hypersensitivity. They may also cause certain types of cancer. 

Philips Ventilators and CPAP Recall Directives 

The company has ordered its customers to get in touch with their preferred health provider to help them determine the perfect course of action to move forward with their medical needs without using an affected Philips medical breathing device. 

Terminally ill patients whose lives depend on a Philips breathing apparatus are not advised to immediately halt the product’s use. They are also directed to speak with their doctors to have their medical needs addressed at the soonest time possible. 

The following breathing device models are included in the Philips recall:

  • Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure or Bi-Level PAP;
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP; and, 
  • Other mechanical-based ventilator devices. 

It is initially estimated that there are more than three million breathing units included in the recall. 

Philips company management has expressed their regrets regarding the recall and has promised to change the potentially dangerous material used on some of their medical breathing devices.  

As of writing, there were no deaths directly attributed to the foam particle concern. Philips shared that they were only able to experience a low complaint rate on the products included in the recall. 

Philips has released more information regarding the recall on their site. 

About Philips

Philips, also known as Royal Philips in some media reports, is an Amsterdam-based multinational company founded in 1997. Currently headed by company CEO Frans van Houten, Philips offers a large selection of products ranging from consumer electronics such as television, audio devices to medical devices such as ventilators that are in the middle of a recall featured in this article. As of 2020, the company has made almost 20 billion euros in revenues.   

Editor’s Note on Philips Ventilators Recall 2021: 

This feature aims to provide you with the latest recall alert issued by Philips encompassing its breathing devices after they were found out to cause health concerns to their users. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Philips Ventilators Recall; N/A

Jurisdiction: United States Food And Drug Administration

Products/Services Involved: Philips breathing support devices and medical ventilators

Allegation(s): Certain Philips medical ventilators and breathing apparatus pose a serious health hazard to its patient users. 

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