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Pfizer Chantix & Champix Recall 2021 – Anti-Smoking Pills To Stop Over Finding Cancerous NDMA

RECALL ALERT: Pfizer Voluntarily Recalls, Stops Further Distribution Of Potentially Cancerous Chantix 

The further distribution of the widely known anti-smoking medicine Chantix has been stopped and recalled by its manufacturer Pfizer after discovering that it contained high levels of a cancer-causing ingredient called NDMA. 

Pharmaceutical Giant Withdraws Anti-Smoking Drug From Market 

According to online reports, Pfizer, the company that makes and distributes Chantix, has ordered the immediate cessation of the distribution of Chantix after discovering unacceptable traces of a carcinogenic material present in it. 

Amounts of N-nitrosodimethylamine or commonly known as NDMA was found out by tests conducted by Pfizer. 

In light of the discovery, Pfizer has started the process of recalling the affected lots of Chantix products and has ordered the further distribution of the anti-smoking product. 

Alongside the company’s announcement, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has not released any recall order as of writing.

Meanwhile, Canadian officials have ordered the recall of the drug known as Champix in the country in early June this year. 

As of press time, there are no legal charges pressed against Pfizer concerning the high levels of carcinogenic NDMA present in their Chantix drug product. Consider The Consumer will continue to report on this matter as soon as the developments are released to the public. 

About The Company

Pfizer or officially known as Pfizer Inc., is a pharmaceutical behemoth established more than a hundred years ago. Currently headquartered in New York, the company is headed by its top official CEO, Albert Bourla, since his ascent to the position in 2019. 

Pfizer is a respected member of the medical and pharmaceutical industry with a strong multinational presence in different countries around the globe. It has a number of subsidiaries under its leadership, namely Hospira, Pfizer Japan, Inc., to name a few. 

Editor’s Note on Pfizer Chantix & Champix Recall 2021: 

This feature article discusses the latest recall news concerning Pfizer and their anti-smoking drug Chantix after studies have shown it to be carcinogenic. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Pfizer Chantix Voluntary Drug Recall 

Jurisdiction: United States 

Products/Services Involved: Chantix (U.S.A.) or Champix (Canada)

Allegation(s): Pfizer’s Chantix drug product consists of high levels of NDMA – a known carcinogenic amongst members of the medical industry. 

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