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Panera Soup Recall 2021 - Pieces Of Gloves Found In Chicken Tortilla Soup?


Panera Soup Recall 2021 – Pieces Of Gloves Found In Chicken Tortilla Soup?!

Panera Recalls Its Chicken Tortilla Soup – USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a recall alerting customers to the possibility of ready-to-eat Panera soup that may contain bits of handling gloves.

Blount Fine Foods issued a recall for over 6,000 lbs of Panera BREAD at HOME Chicken Tortilla Soup following consumer reports of finding fragments of gray nitrile glove in the product.

According to the USDA notification, the recalled Panera soup is a ready-to-eat product that was sold in retail locations throughout Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. The Panera soup that is being recalled comes in a 16 oz container with the batch code 070121-1V and the label “Use By 09/09/2021.”

The USDA is worried that consumers may have refrigerated recalled Panera soup. Consumers are urged to discard the goods or return them at the point of purchase.

Editor’s Note on Panera Soup Recall 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the latest recall of Panera Bread’s Chicken Tortilla Soup. Panera Bread was also recently charged with a class action lawsuit over hidden delivery fees.

Case Name & No.: Panera Soup Recall 2021

Jurisdiction: U.S.A.

Products/Services: Chicken tortilla soup

Reason: Glove fragments were found in the chicken tortilla soup offered by Panera Bread

Status: In-progress

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