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Mercedes Benz eCall Locator Recall


Mercedes Benz eCall Tracker Recall From April 6th – Over 1.3 Million Cars Affected

Mercedes-Benz To Recall Several Models Due To Defect In Mercedes Tracker 

Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is starting to initiate a recall of select models of its vehicle lines in response to potential issues with its eCall location tracking system.

It is estimated that about 1.3 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be a part of this latest recall by the company. 

According to the company’s manifestation sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, there is an issue concerning the car’s battery and eCall system.

Mercedes-Benz representatives explained that in the event of a decrease in power supply in the Mercedes tracker at an accident, the system may fail to recognize its current whereabouts. Instead, it would only be able to take note of the car’s last location when it was in its last full ignition cycle. 

This potential issue will be a problem for Mercedes-Benz drivers for the company’s eCall Emergency Locator is touted to send accurate location information to first-aid responders in the case of an emergency or vehicular accident on the road. 

However, the company has stressed that the manual emergency call feature is not affected by the recall.

This holds true with other automatic functions being offered in select vehicle models. 

How would you know if you are a part of the recall? We here at Consider The Consumer have found out that select 2016 to 2021 Mercedes-Benz vehicle models are a part of the recall. They are the following:

  • A-Class,
  • B-Class, 
  • C-Class, 
  • CLA-Class, 
  • CLS-Class, 
  • E-Class,
  • G-Class,
  • GLA-Class, 
  • GLB-Class, 
  • GLC-Class, 
  • GLE-Class, 
  • GLS-Class, 
  • GT-Class, 
  • S-Class, 
  • SL-Class, 
  • And SLC-Class. 

Affected model vehicle owners are asked to reach out to the company’s customer service hotline at 877-762-8267.

These cars will then be serviced with an over-the-air remote update or a manual update at a certified dealership. 

The Mercedes Tracker recall is slated to start on April 6th. 

Editor’s Note on Mercedes Benz eCall Tracker Recall:

This feature is published to inform you of the latest recall order initiated by Mercedes-Benz in relation to its defects on its cars’ eCall system location tracker. 

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