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Marshalls And T.J. Maxx Infant Sleeping Bags Recall


Marshalls And T.J. Maxx Infant Sleeping Bags Recall 2021

Suffocation Hazard Present

Baby sleeping bags offered at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx locations all over the United States were ordered to be removed from store shelves after possible suffocation risks were flagged and raised by the authorities. 

Officials from the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC have released the announcement ordering different brands of infant sleeping bags to be pulled out of store shelves nationwide across different Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores. They raised concerns that the said products might cause its young users to suffocate due to a manufacturing concern. 

This can be caused by the openings on the sleeping bags that authorities deem as too big for a young user’s head to fit. A kid may have their head accidentally slip into it and get covered by the sleeping bag, which cuts off their oxygen supply and may lead to suffocation. 

Marshalls And T.J. Maxx Sam & Jo Infant Sleeping Bags Recall

As of writing, there were no reported cases of injuries that were directly related to the potentially hazardous infant sleeping bag products. Additionally, regulators have warned customers and parents to immediately halt using the affected sleeping bags in the name of their children’s safety. 

The CPSC has implored owners of the recalled products to immediately reach out to Marshalls and T.J. Maxx for the complete store policies and guidelines in accepting returns and facilitating refunds. 

Recall Details

To know more about the recall details, Consider The Consumer has collated information to inform customers about whether they can participate in the latest product recall or not. 

Per the safety regulators, infant sleeping bags being sold at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores were ordered to be recalled due to a potential suffocation risk they pose on small children while at use.

The affected baby sleeping bag products were found to be potentially dangerous for the use of newborns aged between 0 to 6 months old. 

They were sold under the following brand names along with their corresponding style numbers:

  • Dylan & Abby (CL01073);
  • First Wish (CL00824, CL00889, and CL00911);
  • First Wish Organic (CL00981, CL00985, and CL01099);
  • Harry & Me (CL01102);
  • Little Red Caboose (CL00756, CL00882, CL00899, CL00904, CL00905, CL00921, CL00924, CL00986, and CL00987);
  • Piper & Posie (CL00819, CL00923, CL00982, CL01005, CL01006, and CL01007);
  • Sam & Jo (CL00871, CL00890, CL00903, CL00906, CL00983, and CL00984);
  • Sam & Jo Organic (CL01066);
  • Shabby Chic (CL00980); and, 
  • Willow Blossom (CL00909 and CL00913).

The brand names above offered different baby sleeping bag products that came in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. To know whether you have bought an infant sleeping bag that is a part of the recall, have a look at the brand name printed on the bag’s back neck. 

Additionally, the style number is located on the side seam inside of the sleeping bag. It can be located behind the care label sign attached to the interior side seams. 

It is believed that the recall covers more than 3,600 potentially hazardous sleeping bags. They were said to be distributed and sold in-store at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, along with their official websites. 

For further information and clarification about the recall of the products, the companies have both opened their lines for calls regarding the recalled baby sleeping bag items. Also, they have said that consumers can also visit their official sites for updates. 

Editor’s Note on Marshalls And T.J. Maxx Infant Sleeping Bags Recall: 

This feature aims to give you the latest news on the recall involving baby sleeping bags sold in Marshalls and T.J. Maxx that may potentially harm very young users.

Products/Services Involved: Various infant sleeping bag brands offered at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx

Allegation(s): Several baby sleeping bag products may potentially risk a baby’s wellbeing while in use. 

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