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Irbesartan Recall From Lupin Pharmaceuticals Over Cancerous N-nitroso Irbesartan


Irbesartan Recall From Lupin Pharmaceuticals Over Cancerous N-nitroso Irbesartan

Anti-Blood Pressure Medication Made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals Recalled Due To Cancer Fears 

Different antihypertension drugs (Irbesartan) made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. are being recalled from the market due to foundings that they contain high levels of a substance regarded as possibly carcinogenic. 

Too Much Nitroso Irbesartan 

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, the medication included in the recall order includes anti-blood pressure drugs such as Irbesartan and Irbesartan/Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ). The said drugs are regarded by experts to be helpful to those suffering from hypertension. Some diabetic patients are also believed to benefit from them. 

Tests and analyses conducted by Lupin Pharmaceuticals showed that some unfinished batches of the antihypertension drugs the company has manufactured have impermissible levels of N-nitroso irbesartan. 

N-nitroso irbesartan is an impurity discovered in the drugs and is said to be a possible factor that can cause cancer.

As of writing, FDA officials have reported that there are four cases directly attributed to the recalled antihypertension drugs made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals. 

More Details About The Lupin Pharmaceuticals Irbesartan Recall

Consider The Consumer has listed down the following details below to help you navigate through this latest Irbesartan Recall order:

  • The recalled products include certain batches of Lupin Pharmaceuticals’ Irbesartan/HCTZ USP 300 mg/12.5 mg and 150 mg/12.5 mg and Irbesartan USP 300 mg, 150 mg, and 75 mg tablets;
  • Irbesartan users are advised to look for the following lot numbers of the drugs they are using to see if they are included in the recall;
  • H000843, 
  • H805727, 
  • H901579, 
  • H000844, 
  • H000964, 
  • H804311, 
  • H805267, 
  • H805268, 
  • H805269, 
  • H805725, 
  • H805726, 
  • H901497, 
  • H901577, 
  • H901578, 
  • H902258, 
  • H804403, 
  • H805251, 
  • H805640, 
  • H901580, 
  • H804492, 
  • H805252, 
  • H805253, 
  • H805641, 
  • H805642, 
  • H805643, 
  • H901581, 
  • H902139, 
  • H902140, 
  • H804310, 
  • H900050, 
  • H902262, 
  • H000845,
  • H000846, 
  • H000965, 
  • H805345, 
  • H805346, 
  • H805347, 
  • H805724, 
  • H900061, 
  • H900062, 
  • H900445, 
  • H901489,
  • H901490, 
  • H901491, 
  • H902261, 
  • H804537, 
  • H805148, 
  • H900063, 
  • H900522, 
  • H901582,
  • H000963, 
  • H804507, 
  • H804536, 
  • H805070, 
  • H805149, 
  • H900064, 
  • H900523, 
  • H901583, 
  • H902530, 
  • H804192, 
  • H805348, 
  • H900065, 
  • H902264, 
  • H804082, 
  • H804121, 
  • H804338, 
  • H804538, 
  • H804539, 
  • H805349, 
  • H805350, 
  • H900066, 
  • H900067, 
  • H902265, 
  • H902275,
  • H902276, 
  • H902531, and 
  • H902532;
  • Patients who rely on the recalled hypertension drugs are implored to take with their doctor and/or medical provider to help them find another alternative to use while continuing their treatment; and
  • Drug distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who still have the recalled medication are asked to contact the drug distributor to ask for return details.

Editor’s Note on Irbesartan Recall: 

This article features the drug recall involving Lupin Pharmaceuticals’ antihypertension medication as ordered by the FDA. We also recommend you the Glumetza Antitrust Settlement for $150 Million from Lupin Pharma.

Case Name(s) & No.: Irbesartan Recall

Jurisdiction: United States Food and Drug Administration

Reason: Some product batches of Lupin Pharmaceuticals’ Irbesartan contains a possible carcinogen.    

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