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Ikea dishware recall 2021 Talrika and Heroisk Bowls, Mugs, and Plates


Ikea Dishware Recall 2021 – Over 150,000 Talrika and Heroisk Bowls, Mugs, and Plates Affected…

RECALL ALERT: More Than A Hundred Thousand IKEA Dishware Recalled Due To Reports Of Accidental Breakage And Potentially Injurious Spillage Concerns 

A nonmandatory recall has been initiated by IKEA after reports surfaced that some of their home dishware offerings have the tendency to break, thus posing a burn injury hazard to the user in the case of an accidental spillage of hot food items.

Kitchen Items Pulled Out Of Shelves 

According to online reports, the Swedish home products company IKEA has announced, through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), that they are recalling more than 159,000 home dishware items because there were allegations that they tend to become frail and eventually get destroyed. 

The items in question ranged from mugs to plates of different shapes, sizes, and colors. This poses a health risk for if the items accidentally break while in use, the food products contained in them would spill on the person using the dishware. This would happen with either cold or hot food products, of which the latter having a higher possibility for injuries. 

As of writing, the company shared that there were more than a hundred reports of IKEA dishware breaking without prior notice. So far, there were reported cases wherein the people involved got hurt when the IKEA dishware they were using suddenly got broken. Two of them were said to suffer from injuries that needed immediate medical help. These instances did not occur in the United States. 

Company officials suspected that the issue may have stemmed from the material used in the dishware items. They seemingly pointed out that the PLA or polyactic acid or polylactide used in making the pieces may be behind the issues. 

They further detailed that they used PLA for its sustainability, but they soon realized that it may not be suitable for everyday use after hundreds of reports started pouring in – pointing out that the tallied and future injuries caused by unintentional spillage of hot food items is a serious consideration in starting the recall. 

A company email forwarded to a member of the media shared that IKEA has established its commitment to uphold customer safety at all times involving its product use.

Recall Information

After the company has publicized its intent to commence a voluntary recall, they have also detailed the necessary information and steps to note the recall.

Here are some noteworthy pieces of information one should keep in mind to know whether they are a part of the IKEA faulty dishware items recall. 

  • You have bought IKEA dishware with the brands “Talrika” and “Heroisk,” bowls, mugs, and plates in the United States and Canada. They come in different color offerings, including blue, pink, and yellow. 
  • The dishware items contain the following information labels molded into the bottom surface of each product: “Made in Taiwan,” “PLA,” and “23348.”
  • You have bought the affected item between August of 2019 to May of 2021 in-store or via IKEA’s online shop platform. 

IKEA representatives have implored consumers to stop using their dishwares immediately if they were a part of the latest recall. 

Additionally, the company has shared that they would start refunding customers soon. No receipt is required for people planning to file for a cashback for their allegedly defective IKEA item. 

Customer concerns are processed by the company via their contact information 888-966-4532. A recall is also happening in Canada, coinciding with a nationwide pull-out order in the U.S.

About IKEA

Founded in 1943 in Sweden, IKEA is a Dutch multinational conglomerate company that is well-known for its ready-to-assemble item offerings ranging from chairs, tables, and beds. Also, the company offers other home items such as appliances and accessories. As of writing, the company has more than four hundred stores worldwide.   

Editor’s Note on Ikea Dishware Recall 2021: 

This feature provides you the latest news about the voluntary recall spearheaded by IKEA to pull out more than a hundred thousand of their dishware offerings due to the burn risks associated with them. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): IKEA Dishware Recall; Recall number 21-136

Jurisdiction: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission 

Products/Services Involved: IKEA “Talrika” and “Heroisk” mugs, bowls, and plates

Allegation(s): A material used in IKEA’s select dishwares causes them to eventually break off and cause spillage of hot food items that can cause burn injuries to the user. 

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