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Faulty Anti-lock Brake Unit Leads to Hyundai Tucson Recall of 180,000 Vehicles

The Hyundai Tucson Recall

It has been reported that Hyundai Motor America recalls 180,000 model year 2019-2021 Tucsons. Here’s what we know on the Hyundai Tucson Recall:

The company issued a recall due to its faulty anti-lock brake unit. According to reports, the Anti-lock Brake Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) could corrode internally, which could result in electrical short. If this occurs, an engine compartment fire could transpire.

Engine compartment fire makes the vehicle more vulnerable to injury or crash.

Have you purchased a Hyundai Tucson and suffered similar problems mentioned above? Let us know about your experience.

What You Need To Do

Because of the recall, Hyundai will inform the owners of the issue. Meanwhile, the dealers are tasked to replace the HECU free of charge.

Furthermore, reports confirmed that the recall is set to start on October 30, 2020.

For owners who have other concerns about this recall, they can turn to Hyundai customer service at (855) 371-9460. The number for this Hyundai’s recall is 195.

Editor’s note on The Hyundai Tucson Recall:

This piece is written to inform consumers about the Hyundai Tucsons Recall.  If you have questions regarding this news, feel free to send us a message.

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