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Honda Recall: 800,000 Honda Odyssey Minivans Over Seat Issue

Honda is voluntarily recalling 800,000 Odyssey minivans from the 2011 through 2017 model years for a problem with the second-row seats. According to the automaker’s statement, the Honda recall is due to these seats may tip forward during a braking event if they haven’t been properly latched after the seats are adjusted, either from side-to-side or after a removed seat has been reinstalled.

Honda says it has received 46 reports of minor injuries. The automaker says it does not yet have a fix, but it’s offering owners detailed instructions on how to deal with the issue.

Honda also says that it will post a video soon on that addresses what owners should do.

The Details

Vehicles recalled: 2011-2017 Odyssey minivans

The problem: If a second-row seat is not properly latched after adjusting it side-to-side or reinstalling a removed seat, the seat could tip forward during moderate to heavy braking, increasing the risk of injury to the occupant. This issue will not occur if a seat is properly latched, Honda says.

The fix: There isn’t one, yet, Honda says. The automaker says it will provide instructions on how to secure the seats and details about a free fix when it has one.

How to contact the manufacturer: Owners will be notified in late Dec. 2017, Honda says. They can call (888) 234-2138.

How to check for an open recall. Plug the 17-digit vehicle identification number into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website to see if your vehicle has any open recalls.

The above was reported by Consumer Reports.

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