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Hershey's Chocolate Shell Topping Recall 2021


Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping Recall 2021 – Affected Batches May Contain Almonds…

Hershey Recalls Select Shell Topping Bottles After A Manufacturing Error Accidentally Put Almonds On Them

One of the world’s chocolate giants, Hershey, is pulling out select units of its Chocolate Shell Topping product after finding out that they contained undisclosed traces of toppings containing almond nuts. 

Affected Bottles Recalled

The Hershey Company is recalling over a thousand affected bottles of its Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping product offering. The announcement was made alongside a report from the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

According to reports, a batch of Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping was filled with Heath Shell Topping instead of the usual chocolate ingredient. 

The company reported that the error happened in one of their third-party manufacturing hubs. However, they assured the public that they have the necessary steps to correct the mishap. 

Additionally, they communicated that they have set in place preventive measures that would preempt such errors from happening in the future. 

The affected bottles now have traces of almonds that were not properly disclosed in the product’s labeling. Hershey officials have warned that people with extreme allergic reactions to almonds should steer away from the product while the whole recall is taking place. 

They added that customers with extreme allergies have a very serious risk of having a life-threatening reaction that would require immediate medical attention. 

Recall Details To Know About

To find out if the bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping you have bought has been accidentally infused with the wrong ingredient and was not properly disclosed in the product’s labels, read on below to find out if you can participate in the recall.

The Hershey Company has released guidelines detailing how to identify if a bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping is a part of the recall order.

The company has shared that only the 7.25-oz. or 250g variant of the Chocolate Shell Topping is affected. The bottles of the affected products contained a UPC of 346000. 

Furthermore, the bottles have a product code of 25JSAS1. The affected bottles were believed to have been released and distributed nationwide between the 15th of April to 3rd of May this year. 

As of writing, shop owners and supermarket chains were given instructions by Hershey to remove the said product from their shelves. 

The company has assured its consumers that they are doing their best in addressing the situation. Hershey has opened their customer hotline and official site to start processing customer refunds and other concerns related to the recall.

The Hershey Company Corporate Information

Hershey’s, or officially known as The Hershey Company, is considered as one of the largest chocolate companies in the globe. 

Besides its world-famous chocolate products, the company also makes and sells different items ranging from drinks to pastries such as cakes and cookies. Founded in 1894, Hershey’s is headquartered in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Operations are headed by the CEO Michael Buck. 

Editor’s Note on Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping Recall: 

This feature aims to report to you the latest recall involving Hershey’s chocolate topping product. It is alleged that the company has suffered from an internal mistake that led to their Chocolate Shell Topping offering being accidentally infused with almonds. 

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