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HelloFresh Onion Recall Over Salmonella Contamination


HelloFresh Onion Recall Over Salmonella Contamination

Onions In HelloFresh Meal Kits From Mexican Supplier Contains Salmonella, Customers Asked To Not Use Them  

HelloFresh has announced a recent recall of all of its meal kits sent out to their customers from July to September this year that contained onions feared to have been contaminated with salmonella. 

HelloFresh Involved In Nationwide Onion Recall 

The meal kit preparation delivery company has warned its customers to not consume and throw away the onions in the meal kits they have received from the 17th of July to the 8th of September. 

The announcement came after authorities reported a nationwide recall order involving white, red, and yellow onions from Mexico as they were suspected to be behind a massive ongoing salmonella outbreak across the United States. 

However, the company assured that onions that were included in meal kits sent during later dates are safe to consume. 

HelloFresh has claimed that if a customer unknowingly still used the recalled onions, they are assured that they are safe to consume if they were prepared and cooked based on the preparation instructions that come with them. 

The company released an apology and promised that it is currently doing its part in ensuring the safety of buyers. 

Further Details About The Recall 

The recalled HelloFresh meal kit onions were imported by the company ProSource Inc. from Mexico’s Chihuahua area. The onions imports were investigated by Food and Drug Administration after around 400 individuals fell ill due to consuming the salmonella-infected onions.

Consumers who happen to experience classic signs of salmonella infection, including fever, diarrhea, and others, are advised to seek medical attention immediately.   

HelloFresh is not the sole company or business that sources its onions from ProSource Inc and is affected by the latest recall. Consider The Consumer will continue to report on cases tied to this news as soon as they are made available to the public. 

Editor’s Note on HelloFresh Onion Recall: 

This report aims to give you the latest addition to the ongoing nationwide onion recalls that are alleged to have caused a massive salmonella outbreak in different U.S. states.    

Case Name: HelloFresh Onion Recall

Jurisdiction: United States 

Reason: The onions imported by HelloFresh and used in its meal kits were contaminated with salmonella.     

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