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Harmonic Nature Hand Sanitizer Recall Consider The Consumer

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Harmonic Nature Hand Sanitizer Recalled

Product Contains 1-Propanol

Around 800 bottles of hand sanitizer by Harmonic Nature is being recalled for containing 1-propanol. The chemical 1-propanol is a primary alcohol that is mostly used as a multi-purpose solvent in the industry and around homes. Any amount of 1-propanol is hazardous when there is a reasonable probability of acute toxicity from ingestion which can cause central nervous system depression, which potentially results in death, permanent impairment, or necessitate medical or surgical intervention.

There are no reports yet of adverse outcomes or events but the colorless liquid with a characteristic odor is flammable both in liquid and vapor form and may cause serious damage to the eyes, drowsiness, dizziness, and skin and respiratory tract irritation.

The recalled product is packaged in 250-mL plastic bottles with UPC Code 7500462892210. The product was distributed only to and is currently on hold at the U.S. custom broker, Aquiles INC., who is arranging to return all of the recalled products.

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