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GM Cadillac & Saab Suspension Recall 2021 - Over 380,000 Cars Affected With A Faulty Suspension


GM Cadillac & Saab Suspension Recall 2021 – Over 380,000 Cars Affected With A Faulty Suspension…

General Motors Recalls 380k Saab and Cadillac SUVs Due to Suspension Defects

General Motors (GM) has issued a recall for more than 380,000 vehicles, many for a second time, due to a potential suspension problem. The recall covers 380,362 units of 2010 to 2016 model year Cadillac SRX and 136 units of 2011 to 2012 model year Saab 9-4 SUVs. GM previously owned Saab and produced its vehicles.

Standard of the World?

GM initially recalled the majority of the vehicles in September 2014. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into the issue in November 2020 after receiving nine complaints from owners, two of which involved crashes. According to the agency, three people were injured.

According to GM, the rear suspension toe link adjustment on the recalled SUVs may not have been correctly tightened, resulting in a loose toe link. The toe link stabilizes the rear suspension and keeps the tires securely placed on the ground.

A toe link that has been improperly tightened might cause a vehicle to wander on the road or enable water to enter the adjuster’s threads, leading to corrosion. 

If it’s associated with the vehicle’s movement, it can cause the threads inside to loosen and possibly separate, leading to a crash.

GM Mark of Excellence

The recall documents note that drivers should park their SUVs if they notice warning lights on the dashboard or experience steering issues. Owners of recalled SUVs may bring them to a GM dealership, where they will replace faulty adjustable toe links for a non-adjustable one for free. Customers will be notified starting August 9 by a letter.

This is not the first time General Motors has issued a recall due to a suspension fault in a large number of these SUVs. 

The automaker initiated the first recall in September 2014; however, it claims that repair shops may not have followed proper procedures in tightening the toe link at the time, resulting in this second recall.

In 2020, GM received further field reports on suspension-related issues. These included:

  • Loud noise over speed bumps
  • Uneven wearing of rear tires
  • Swaying/wandering at fast speeds
  • “Service rear axle” warnings
  • Electronic stability control—called “StabiliTrak” by GM
  • Traction control

Customers can determine whether their vehicles are subject to the GM SUV recall or another safety defect recall by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website and entering their 17-digit vehicle identification number.

Editor’s Note on GM Cadillac & Saab Suspension Recall 2021:

This article is written to notify you of the General Motors recall over suspension problems resulting in accidents.

Case Name & No.: General Motors Recalls, 2021

Jurisdiction: USA

Products/Services: 2010-2016 Cadillac SRX and 2011-2012 Saab 9-4 SUV

Allegations: A suspension component allegedly incorrectly tightened at the factory and was the subject of a 2014 recall may still be loose. It can become sufficiently loose that it separates, resulting in a crash

Status: On-going

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