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Generac Portable Generators Recall 2021 - Customers Losing Their Fingers


Generac Portable Generators Recall 2021 – Customers Losing Their Fingers…

RECALL ALERT: Generac Portable Generators Pulled Out Of The Market For Allegedly Cutting Off Users’ Fingers While In Use

Generac, through the authorities, has initiated a massive recall of their portable generator product offerings after reports of a defect that causes owners to accidentally get their fingers pinched while using the generators. 

More Than 300k Portable Generators Recalled Due To Safety Concerns 

According to online reports, Generac is pulling out a large number of their Generac portable generators due to safety concerns. In an announcement released by the company in partnership with authorities in the United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission or CPSC, Generac has shared that they are starting the recall of more than 325,000 affected Generac portable generators sold in the market. 

The recall was a result of several reports that have poured in, detailing that using Generac’s portable generators resulted in a number of reports stating that customers’ fingers got crushed. Some even ended up having to have their fingers amputated due to the severity of the injury. 

The main culprit in the accidents was found out later on. Per the company and the authorities, the unsecured handle present in certain portable generators is to chiefly blame. 

Generac and CPSC officials have warned customers to stop using their Generac portable generators right away and check whether theirs are a part of the latest recall before moving forward. 

Generac Portable Generators Recall Brief 

If you own a Generac portable generator, this article is for you. As part of its commitment to promote consumer rights, Consider The Consumer has listed down helpful information regarding the Generac Portable Generators Recall each customer should know:

  • More than 325,000 (4,500+ units in Canada and 320,000+ units in the United States) Generac portable generators are covered in this recall order;
  • Affected products have the following unit and model numbers:
    • G0076820R; 
    • G0076822; 
    • XT8000E with Model No.(s): G0064330, G0064331, G0064340, and G0064342;
    • XT8000EFI with Model No.(s): G0071620, G0071621, and G0071621R; 
    • GP6500 with Model No.(s): G0076720, G0076800, G0076800R, G0076812, G0076830, G0076830R, G0076902, G0076902R, and G0076903; 
    • GP6500E with Model No.(s): G0076820;
    • GP8000E with Model No.(s): G0076731, G0076751, G0076751R, G0076761,G0076761R, G0076861, and G0076861R;   
    • PRO 6500M with Model No.(s): GP16505DMN and GP16505DMNR;
    • PRO 6500E with Model No.(s): GP16505DEN; and 
    • HomeLink 6500E with Model No.(s): G0068650, G0068651, and G0079960.
  • Only the models mentioned above that were bought between June 2013 and June 2021 in different home improvement store locations in the United States ranging from Amazon, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, to True Value and others are included in this latest recall order;
  • Customers who own any of the recalled models can contact Generac for a free-of-charge repair kit they can use to fix the reported problem. 

Crucial product information such as model number is printed and indicated on the product labeling.

About Generac

Established in 1959, Generac, or officially known as Generac Holdings Inc., is a power solutions provider that offers a variety of backup generator product offerings and the like to everyday consumers, business owners, and industry professionals. 

Headquartered in Wisconsin, the company has made revenues of more than $2 billion in the year 2018. The company has different manufacturing plants located in the Badger State. 

Editor’s Note on Generac Portable Generators Recall 2021: 

This recall alert aims to inform the everyday consumer of the latest recall concerning Generac and their portable generator products after several consumers have reported injuries while using them. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Generac Portable Generators Product Recall; Recall No.: 21-173

Jurisdiction: United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission 

Products/Services Involved: Certain Generac portable generators models (check the list above)

Allegation(s): Some of Generac’s portable generators pose serious safety hazards to users. 

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