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Forest River Over-Inflates Tires

Forest River is recalling its 149 model year 2016-2017 Surveyor recreational vehicles, model ORSVT247BHDS, which were manufactured between August 10, 2016, to September 13, 2016.

The federal placard installed on the vehicle states the trailer is equipped with ST225/75R15D tires with 65 PSI and a rim designation of 15X6.0JJ, when actually they have ST205/75R14C tires with 50 PSI and a rim designation of 14X5.5JJ. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 110, “Tire Selection and Rims.”

The operator may over-inflate the tire based on the information printed on the placard. Over-inflating a tire may lead to premature tire degradation, a tire blowout, or reduced handling, increasing the risk of a crash.

Forest River will notify owners and dealers and will provide a corrected placard, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin December 12, 2016.

Owners may contact Forest River customer service at 1-574-642-3119 extension 205. Forest River’s number for this recall is 37-10132016-0256.

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