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El Abuelito Cheese Recall


El Abuelito Cheese Recall Over The Risks of Listeria

FDA Recalls El Abuelito Cheese In Select States, Warns Public of Avoiding Them Altogether

United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a warning to the general public to avoid buying El Abuelito branded cheese products for precautionary reasons after some of its products have been linked to reported incidents of listeria across the country. 

In relation to this, authorities from the FDA have ordered the recall of cheese products primarily under the company that makes El Abuelito cheese. 

Listed below are the following brands and products that are a part of the recall order. 

  • El Abuelito Cheese
    • Queso Fresco 
    • Queso Fresco de Hoja
    • Queso Fresco Guatemala
    • Queso Fresco Promocion
    • Queso Fresco Regular


  • Rio Grande Food Products, Inc.
    • Chirilagua Queso de Hacienda
    • Cuajada Fresca Hondurena
    • Cuajada Fresca Guatemalteca
    • Cuajada Fresca Salvadorena
    • Queso Fresco Campastre Artesanal
    • Queso Fresco Campastre con Hoja
    • Queso Fresco Campastre Olancho
    • Queso Fresco Campastre Yorito


  • Rio Lindo
    • Queso Fresco Hondureno
    • Queso Fresco Mexicano
    • Queso Fresco Salvadoreno

According to the FDA, the aforementioned cheese products were distributed through mid-February to supermarkets, retailers, stores, and wholesalers. 

The affected lot or batches of the products have a sell-by date of March 28, 2021. These cheese products were distributed out to sales outlets in select states in the country. 

They are North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Nevertheless, authorities have shared that these products may have been handed over in other states as well. 

Consumers who have bought the products mentioned above are advised to take them out of their refrigerators and return them to their local grocery store for a refund. 

Representatives from El Abuelito are unreachable as of press time when reporters sought after their comments on the matter. 

On the other hand, FDA authorities are reported to have started conducting inspections at the company’s manufacturing facilities as well as coordinating with El Abuelito representatives closely to trace the source of the listeria outbreak. 

More products might be added to the ordered recall as this is a developing story. 

We will update you regarding this matter as soon as the FDA has released the results of their on-going investigation. 

Tainted El Abuelito Cheese Are Making People Sick

The aforementioned recall order came after a listeria outbreak has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in citizens from Virginia, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland. 

As of writing, authorities have been able to tally ten cases of people contracting listeriosis.

This disease is caused by listeria. Nine of them ended up seeking medical attention from their local health providers and hospitals. 

The classic symptoms of a person with listeriosis usually appear between a week up to a month after consuming a contaminated food item – Influenzaesque symptoms such as fever and muscle aches along with diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomforts. 

It also has a chance to spread to the nervous system, which makes an infected patient suffer from an added array of syndromes such as convulsions, stiff neck, confusion, and loss of balance. 

If you accidentally consume tainted products, medical experts stress that one should not hesitate to reach out for medical attention right away. 

Editor’s Note on El Abuelito Cheese Recall:

This feature is published to inform you of the FDA’s latest recall order involving select El Abuelito cheese products.

This comes after cases were reported of people contracting Listeriosis after consuming the aforementioned tainted cheese products. 

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