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Cove Dishwasher Recall 2021 - Fire And Smoke Hazards


Cove Dishwasher Recall 2021 – Fire And Smoke Hazards…

40k Cove Appliance Dishwashers Recalled After Several Reports of Burning and Smoking

Several people who have bought Cove dishwashers have experienced smelling smoke and burning materials and seeing flames coming out from the dishwashers. These led to a recall of over 40,000 dishwashers sold in the country.

Around early June 2021, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sent out a recall all over the country because of the Cove Appliance dishwashers. It was found that the heating element often fails to turn off. It results in the dishwashers overheating, becoming a fire hazard.

More Details About the Cove Appliance Dishwasher Recall

Cove Appliance is the newest brand bought by Sub-Zero, who also owns the high-end oven company, Wolf.

Sub-Zero reported the following numbers affected by the recall:

  • 40,650 units recalled dishwashers were sold in the country
  • 1,350 units sold in Canada
  • 250 units sold in Mexico

The DW2450 and DW2450WS are the affected models, according to Sub-Zero’s website.

Here are the details about the recalled cove dishwashers:

  • Have serial numbers from 20000100 up to 20044445 – Its model number, serial number, and date code are printed on the product rating plate that is inside the dishwasher
  • Cove is printed on the outside of the door and on the far right side of the control panel, located on the top of the dishwasher’s door
  • Sold from February 2018 til May 2021 amounting from $2,400 to $2,500

The CPSC advised against using the dishwasher and make sure it is unplugged, and the breaker turned off. Customers can then have a free repair scheduled. Sub-Zero will then have a replacement heating element installed along with a second thermal protection device.

Customers can use the following details to contact Cove Appliance:

  • Call the company at 888-651-9376
  • Email

Electrolux and Whirlpool have also received lawsuits alleging that their dishwashers let off smoke and water, damaging customers’ homes. But Cove Appliance has not yet received a lawsuit filed against them yet.

About Sub-Zero

They primarily manufacture and sell kitchen appliances for the home, which includes refrigerators and wine preservation containers. They are located in Madison, Wisconsin. Cove appliance and Wolf are the other kitchen appliances brand under Sub-Zero.

Editor’s note on Cove Dishwasher Recall 2021:

This piece is written about the Cove Appliance dishwasher recalls. If you believe that what is alleged in the Cove Appliances dishwasher recall has affected you, please reach out to us for a possible class action lawsuit.

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