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Country Oven Recall 2021 - Kroger Orders Recall For Baked Goods In 29 States


Country Oven Recall 2021 – Kroger Orders Recall For Baked Goods In 29 States Over Metal Contamination

Kroger Co. Country Oven Products Pulled Out Of The Market Due To Suspicions Of Possible Metal Pieces Contamination

Ohio-headquartered national retailer Kroger Co. is launching a multiple states recall of its Country Oven baked products due to fears of possible metal contaminants present in the affected items. 

Different Kroger Stores Recall Country Oven Products 

Kroger Co. initiated a recall order in a recent announcement covering a string of different American states where the recalled products are shipped. The company says that they fear that metal fragments may have possibly ended up on a number of its Country Oven baked offerings. 

Officials have pinpointed the starch used in the manufacturing process as the probable culprit to the whole fiasco. 

More Details About The Recall 

Listed below are the crucial details you need to know in the Country Oven Recall 2021:

The different states included in the Kroger Co. Country Oven Recall are the following:

  1. Alabama AL
  2. Arkansas AK
  3. Arizona AR
  4. California CA
  5. Colorado CO
  6. Georgia GA
  7. Idaho ID
  8. Illinois IL
  9. Indiana IN
  10. Kansas KS
  11. Kentucky KY
  12. Louisiana LA
  13. Mississippi MO
  14. Missouri MS
  15. Montana MT
  16. Nebraska NE
  17. New Mexico NM
  18. Nevada NV
  19. Ohio OH
  20. Oregon OR
  21. South Carolina SC
  22. Tennessee TN
  23. Texas TX
  24. Utah UT
  25. Virginia VA
  26. Washington WA
  27. West Virginia WV
  28. Wisconsin WI
  29. Wyoming

The recalled Country Oven baked goods include the following:

    • Country Oven Cinnamon Rolls packed in 2.5 and 4 oz respectively (with use-by dates of 12/28/21, 01/01/22, 01/10/22, 01/11/22, and 01/12/22; and UPC codes of 0001111019657 and 0001111019550);
    • Country Oven White Cake packed in 7 lb. and 13.5 and 29 oz. respectively (with use-by dates of 04/05/22, 03/28/22, 03/29/22, 03/15/22, and 03/18/22; and UPC codes of 0001111005643, 0001111019715, 0001111019742, and 0001111006361);
    • Country Oven Chocolate Cake packaged in 13.5, 60, and 40 oz. respectively (with use-by dates of 03/17/22, 03/29/22, 03/30/22 and 03/16/22; and UPC codes of 0001111019708, 0001111019721, 0001111019721, and 0001111006325);
    • Country Oven White/Vanilla Cake in 37oz. packs (with use by date of 04/04/22 and UPC code of 0001111019348);
    • Country Oven Yellow/Vanilla Cake in 37oz. package (with use by date of 04/02/22 and UPC 0001111019350);
    • Country Oven Chocolate/Vanilla Cake in 37 oz. product package (with use by date of 04/03/22 and UPC code of 0001111019352);
    • Country Oven Yellow Cake in 7 lb., 13.5, 18.5 and 42 oz. product formats (with use by dates of 03/20/22, 03/17/22, 03/18/22, 03/24/22, 03/25/22, 03/26/22, 03/27/22, and 03/15/22; and UPC codes of 0001111019366, 0001111019595, 0001111019716, and 0001111002012)
    • Country Oven Bowtie Danish in 3 oz. packaging (with use by date of 01/06/22 and UPC code of 0001111019430);
    • Country Oven Cheese Pocket in 4 oz. – 84 to a case product iterations (with use by date of 01/05/22 and UPC code of 0001111019445);
    • Country Oven Angel Food Cake in 13 oz. packs (with use by dates of 03/21/22, 03/30/22, 03/31/22, 04/04/22, and 04/05/22; and UPC code of 0001111019457);
    • Country Oven Yellow/Fudge Cake single slices in 48 oz. packaging (with use by dates of 03/19/22, and 04/03/22; and UPC codes of 0001111019628, 0001111019648, 0001111007945, 0001111020510, and 0004157326796);
    • Country Oven Red Velvet Cake single slices in 13 and 28 oz., Double Layer Cake (51 oz.), 8 oz. (with use by dates of 03/18/22, 03/31/22, 04/01/22, 03/24/22, 03/25/22, and 03/15/22; and UPC codes of 0001111019723, 0001111019740, 0004157306392, 0004157307575, 0001111018534, 0001111018617, and 0001111020737);
    • Country Oven Marble Cake, 7 lb. (with use by date of 04/06/22 and UPC code of 0001111019751)
    • Country Oven Chocolate/Fudge Cake Single Slices, Double Layer Cake (50 oz.) (with use by date of 04/03/22 and UPC codes of 0004157306389, 0004157307572, and 0001111018529);
    • Country Oven Yellow/Caramel Cake Single Slices, double layer cakes (48 oz.) (with use by dates of 04/01/22 and 04/02/22, and UPC codes of 0004157306397, 0004157307578, and 0001111018528);
    • Country Oven Caramel Apple Double Layer Cake in 32 oz. (with use by date of 03/22/22 and UPC code of 0001111019535);
    • Country Oven Boston Cream Cake Double Layer Cake in 28 oz. packaging (with use by date of 04/04/22 and UPC code of 0001111019561);
    • Country Oven Raspberry Cake in 71 oz. packaging (with use by date of 03/21/22 and UPC code of 0001111006321); and 
    • Country Oven Party Balloon Cake in 48 oz. (with use by date of 03/15/22 and UPC code of 0063507840040).   

Editor’s Note on Country Oven Recall 2021: 

This blog aims to bring you the news about the recent recall announcement involving Country Oven items sold at different Kroger store locations. We also suggest you read the Cicero Bimbo Bakeries BIPA Settlement

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Kroger Co. Country Oven Recall 2021

Jurisdiction: Several states across the country

Allegation(s): A number of Country Oven baked product offerings sold in different Kroger stores may have been contaminated with metal.           

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