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Cooper Tire Recall 2021


Cooper Tire Recall 2021 – 9 Cooper Tire Brands Affected Nationwide…

Authorities Order Cooper Tire To Recall More Than Nine Brand Tires Due To Defects 

Cooper Tire is hit with two recall orders from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) after authorities have deemed its tire products dangerous to use on the road. 

The recalls, released separately in February this year, cover more than 400,000 tires being offered by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. in the United States. 

According to a February 19 NHTSA order (21T002) released in early February this year, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s tire products have the tendency to develop a bulge or separation in the sidewall. 

This causes the tire to deflate at a rapid rate and can happen while the vehicle driver is operating and driving the car. 

This defect significantly increases the chances of car crashes and injury or even fatality if the use of the car tire is continued. 

NHTSA ordered Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. to recall more than 400,000 car tires encompassing a series of tire brands and models. 

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. will contact affected customers and will replace the affected tires without any additional fees charged to the customer. The recall is expected to commence in late March.

Listed below are the tire brands included in the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. February 19 Recall Order:

  • Adventurer
  • Back Country
  • Big O
  • Courser
  • Deegan
  • Discoverer
  • Evolution
  • Hercules
  • Multi-Mile Wild Country

Only a select few models are included in the recall mentioned above. 

To know whether your current tire is included in the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. February Recall Order, you can wait for a call from a representative of the company detailing the matter and how you can proceed with the free replacement. 

You can also reach out to Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s customer service phone line at 1-800-854-6288, with 178 as the number of the recall. 

Meanwhile, just two days after the first recall order was released, the NHTSA has announced another round of tire recalls (21T003). 

This time, the authorities have found out that certain Cooper and Mastercraft tire models have a low tread gauge. 

This can cause tread separation, which ultimately leads to tire failure. 

This also poses a great danger and can result in car crashes when continued to be used. 

We will update you on the latest developments on the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. February Recall Order. 

Stay tuned for the latest news and developments through the Consider The Consumer official communications channels below. 

About the company

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., founded in 1914, is a company that designs, manufactures, and markets its own tire products.

Its products are used in everyday consumer vehicles to trucks, and motorcycles. 

CEO Roy V. Armes is the head of the company since late 2006. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is under its parent organization Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Editor’s Note on Cooper Tire Recall 2021:

This news article aims to inform you about the recall of certain Cooper Tire brand tire models after the NHTSA has found defects that pose risks to the American public. 

According to authorities, more than 400,000 of Cooper Tire’s tire offerings contain defects that lead to tire failures. 

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