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Recall Alert: Cooper Tire Recall Announced

Tire Failure Due to Low Tread Gauge; Cooper Tire Recall Announced

The company Cooper Tire & Rubber is recalling around 1,983 of their CS5 Grand Touring 225/55R17 and Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring 225/55R17 tires with DOT codes 2920 through 3220 because of possible low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area. This is believed to cause tread separation and tire failure. The sidewall failure could potentially cause the tire to rapidly deflate. When this happens, there is an increased risk of a car crash.

According to reports, “affected tires may have a visual anomaly on the outside shoulder area of the tire.  In-service conditions may include a ride disturbance or in certain cases, vehicle steering or ride may be impacted, providing operator notice.  Driving at high speeds may cause this condition to occur and should be avoided until the tires have been inspected and replaced if they fall within the identification numbers shown above.”

The DOT identification number is molded into each tire and is composed of a DOT sequence, followed by a four-digit DOT date code.

Next Steps

Registered owners can expect a notification from Cooper Tire, and expect dealers to inspect and — if necessary — replace the tires free of charge.

The schedule for recall notification has not yet been provided, however.

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