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Chips Ahoy Recall; Check Your Most Recent Purchases!

Chewy Chips Ahoy Recall

A Chewy Chips Ahoy recall has been issued after reports of an “unexpected solidified ingredient” in numerous packages. The recall was announced last Tuesday.

There have been other reports which mentioned “adverse health effects” as well, though the company did not elaborate on what those health effects may have been.

The recall is limited to packages labeled with the UPC number “0 44000 03223 4” and with the following “Best When Used By Dates,” which are located on the top-left side of the package when you lift the tab:

  • 07SEP2019
  • 08SEP2019
  • 14SEP2019
  • 15SEP2019

Moreover, the packages are red in color and have the word “Chewy” emblazoned on them in numerous locations. So far, no other Chips Ahoy products are included in the recall.

Consider The Consumer urges all Chewy Chips Ahoy consumers to check their packages and not eat any potentially affected products. For more information, you can contact Mondelez Global directly at (844) 366-1171.

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