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Carrot Cake Recall 2021 - Baking Institute Bakery Recalls Its Cake Over Undeclared Allergens


Carrot Cake Recall 2021 – Baking Institute Bakery Recalls Its Cake Over Undeclared Allergens…

Carrot Cake Made By Illinois Bakery Recalled Due To Allegedly Undisclosed Possible Allergens 

Illinois-based Baking Institute Bakery is recalling its carrot cake offering due to undeclared milk, walnuts, and coconuts ingredients used in the making of the baked treat. 

Situated in Northbrook in Illinois, baked goods business Baking Institute Bakery has announced that it is pulling out of the market its Carrot Cake offering. It is believed that the baked good may have allergens like milk, walnuts, and coconuts that were all not described in the product’s labeling. 

Bakery Warns Its Customers About Its Carrot Cake Offering 

The company says that customers that may have bought its Carrot Cake should not consume it and return it to the bakeshop for a full refund instead. In addition, Baking Institute Bakery has warned that some clients may have severe allergies to the abovementioned ingredients used in its recalled baked goods. 

The affected Carrot Cakes were distributed to different retailers in the northern part of Illinois. 

Customers are asked to check if they have a Carrot Cake in 6-inc or 8-inch variants with a black product base and clear dome-shaped container lid. If so, they are asked to return the recalled products in their possession to the bakeshop. 

Fortunately, there are currently no reports of illnesses related to the matter per the company. 

As of writing, there are no legal cases filed against Baking Institute Bakery regarding this latest blunder. 

About The Company

The Baking Institute Bakery is a bakery shop based at 1960 Raymond Drive in Illinois’ Northbrook. According to the company’s business profile, it has around 50 workers that work to provide baked goods and other services to their clientele. 

Editor’s Note on Carrot Cake Recall 2021: 

This news reports on the latest product recall initiated by Northbrook-based bakeshop Baking Institute Bakery involving its Carrot Cake with alleged undeclared allergens. You might also be interested in the Aldi Simply Nature Organic Poppy Seed recall over food posioning. 

Case Name: Baking Institute Bakery Carrot Cake Recall

Jurisdiction: Illinois

Products/Services Involved: Carrot Cake made by Baking Institute Bakery

Reason: The Carrot Cake manufacturer Baking Institute Bakery failed to provide warnings on its product’s packaging of the possible allergens in its ingredients. 

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