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Beech-Nut Single Grain Rice Cereal Recall 2021


Beech-Nut Single Grain Rice Cereal Recall 2021 – Cancer Causing Arsenic Traces Found In Baby Food…

Beech-Nut Nutrition Baby Food Recalled Due To Traces Of Harmful Chemicals Found In Its Ingredients

Baby food maker Beech-Nut Nutrition has just announced that it would recall its Single Grain Rice Cereal from the market after finding out that it had traces of the toxic substance arsenic. 

The Voluntary Recall 

Beech-Nut Nutrition has decided to push through with the voluntary recall order of their Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal for infants after authorities have found a harmful chemical present in the product. Officials from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA have released a report detailing their findings on Arsenic.

It is said that Beech-Nut Nutrition’s Single Grain Rice cereal product for babies has unacceptable levels of Arsenic in it. 

Specifically, the FDA found out that the rice flour used in the product’s ingredients tested positive for the traces of inorganic Arsenic. Authorities have warned that exposure to the chemical can pose a serious risk to children and their health. 

Medical experts agree that prolonged exposure to toxic levels of Arsenic may cause skin lesions and certain types of cancer. 

Furthermore, the harmful chemical is also a possible cause behind diabetes and some cardiovascular ailments. Young children that have been inadvertently exposed to Arsenic may have their cognitive development negatively impacted.

On its part, a Beech-Nut Nutrition executive has released a statement affirming their company’s commitment to upholding their customers’ health and wellness. Additionally, they have released details involving a voluntary recall covering many affected baby food products. 

Moving forward, the company also announced that it would seize the manufacturing, distributing, and selling of their Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal offering for infants until they are able to find a solution to the arsenic contamination issue. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to cover the latest developments in this particular recall news. Stay tuned via the official communications channels listed below. 

Recall Details

Beech-Nut Nutrition, via the FDA, has recently initiated a voluntary recall covering their Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal product for young kids. Listed below is the checklist you need to check to know if you are qualified to join the recall.

You can return your Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal product if you meet any of the followings:

  • It has an expiration date of 01 MAY 2022 located on the bottom part of the product;
  • Your item has either of the two product codes printed on the product’s bottom part: 093470XXXX and 103470XXXX;
  • You have bought your Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal item at any retail store all over the United States and online.

Company authorities and government officials have implored consumers to check if their baby food cereal is included in the latest recall. If you happen to own one that meets the abovementioned criteria, it is advised to stop consuming the product and dispose of it immediately. 

Beech-Nut has also announced that their company will start accepting requests for refunds via their official site. In addition, customers may reach them through their telephone number 1-866-272-9417.

About Beech-Nut Nutrition

Beech-Nut Nutrition is a baby food manufacturer founded in 1891. The company is currently owned by Switzerland-based company Hero Group. Mark S. Rodriguez heads the company as its CEO since he ascended to the top position in early 2017.  

Editor’s Note on Beech-Nut Single Grain Rice Cereal Recall 2021:

This article features the recall of Beech-Nut Nutrition’s baby food item named Single Grain Rice cereal due to reports that it contains traces of Arsenic. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice Cereal Recall; N/A

Jurisdiction: USA

Products/Services Involved: Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal

Allegation(s): Beech-Nut Nutrition Single Grain Rice cereal has Arsenic that may negatively impact children’s health.

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