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Basic Grain Caramel Rice Cake Recall


Basic Grain Caramel Rice Cake Recall Over The Risks of Milk Allergens…

Rice Cakes Sold at Kroger and Stop & Shop in Ohio, Recalled

Basic Grain Products, Inc., of Coldwater, Ohio, is recalling 6.56-ounce bags of Caramel Rice Cakes from Kroger and Stop & Shop brands since they may contain undeclared milk allergens.

Allergies of Milk: What Are the Consequences?

The immune system’s abnormal reaction to milk and milk-containing products is known as milk allergy. One of the most common food allergies in kids is Eczema. 

Milk allergies are most often caused by cow’s milk, but they can also be caused by milk from sheep, goats, buffalo, and other mammals.

An allergic reaction to milk is most likely to occur shortly after consumption. 

Wheezing, vomiting, hives, and digestive problems are some of the signs and symptoms of milk allergy, which can vary from mild to extreme. 

Anaphylaxis, a serious, life-threatening reaction, can also be caused by a milk allergy.

A real milk allergy is distinct from lactose intolerance and milk protein intolerance. 

Unlike milk allergy, resistance is not caused by a malfunction of the immune system. Milk sensitivity is treated differently than real milk allergy.

After consuming milk or products containing milk, digestive issues such as bloating, gas, or diarrhea are common signs and symptoms of milk protein intolerance or lactose intolerance.

The main cure for milk allergy is to avoid milk and milk products completely. Fortunately, the majority of children outgrow their milk allergies, and those that do not grow out of it will need to avoid milk products for the rest of their lives.

Affected Caramel Rice Cakes from Kroger and Stop & Shop

On the plastic Kwik Lok tag at the top of the bag, you’ll find the Best If Used By or Best Before date (also known as the Lot Code). The commodity is only affected in two lots. 

The following UPC and lot code details can be found on the recalled packages:

Kroger Caramel Rice Cakes, UPC 0 11110 35792 2, delivered to retail distribution centers in CO, IN, and KS with Best if Used By dates of DEC1521 and DEC1621.

Caramel Rice Cakes from Stop & Shop, UPC 6 88267 07615 2, Best Before date DEC1521, were delivered to retail distribution centers in CT and PA.

Internal control systems discovered the undeclared milk, and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has been informed about this recall.

Moreover, there have been no reports of illness linked to the goods involved in this recall so far.

The Company’s Decision

Caramel Rice Cakes from Kroger with Best if Used DEC1521 and DEC1621 were delivered to retail fulfillment centers in Colorado, Indiana, and Kansas, respectively.

Meanwhile, retail distribution centers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania in the United States received Stop & Shop Caramel Rice Cakes with a Best if Used By date of DEC1521.

As per the company, consumers with a milk allergy or sensitivity who purchased the affected product should not consume it. Better yet, they must dispose of it or return it instead. 

Editor’s Note on Basic Grain Caramel Rice Cake Recall:

This article is published to inform you of the latest product recall done by Basic Grain Products, Inc. due to an undeclared milk allergen.

Case Name & No.: Basic Grain Caramel Rice Cake Recall

Products/Services: Basic Grain Products, Inc.’s Caramel Rice Cakes

Reason: Affected products recalled because they may contain undeclared milk allergens

Status: In-progress

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