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Aqua Lung America Announces Recall of Powerline Inflators

Recently, Aqua Lung America announced that it is to recall 53,000 of its Aqua Lung Powerline inflators. The product acts as a buoyancy compensator equipped with Powerline inflators, to be used by scuba divers to establish buoyancy in the water.

According to a press release from the company, “The inflation button can remain depressed and cause the buoyancy compensators to continue inflating, resulting in an uncontrolled ascent. This poses injury and drowning hazards to the diver.” Aqua Lung has received nearly 60 reports of the Powerline inflators continuing to inflate, though no injuries have been reported. The recall involves Aqua Lung Powerline inflators installed on Aqua Lung and Apeks Black Ice buoyancy compensators.

All consumers are instructed to stop using this product immediately and contact the company to receive a free repair.

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