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Animal Cracker Recall Announced by Goodie Girl

Animal Cracker Recall Due To Potential Misbranding

Approximately 389 cases of Goodie Girl Magical Animal Crackers are being recalled by Goodie Girl Tribeca for allegedly failing to disclose on the product’s label that it may contain wheat ingredients.

Consumers with allergy or severe sensitivity to wheat run the risk of an allergic reaction if they buy and consume the product. One consumer has already reported experiencing wheat allergy and was treated for a wheat allergen reaction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expressed that food allergies are becoming a growing concern in the United States, as 1 in 13 children are affected by them. According to the CDC, there is no known cure for food allergies, thus it is important for people with allergies or severe sensitivities to avoid food that they are allergic to.

However, it can be difficult or impossible to avoid such foods, especially when companies such as Goodie Girl Tribeca LLC fail to properly inform consumers of the real ingredients that are actually contained in their products.

The severity and symptoms manifesting because of food allergies can vary greatly from person to person, and even throughout a person’s life. Some allergic reactions are minor, while some can cause Anaphylaxis, a severe deadly reaction. This shows how vital it is that all food brands carefully list all ingredients and possible allergens that are contained in or exposed to their products.

The recall applies to Goodie Girl GF Magical Animal Crackers in 7-oz. packages with UPC# 8-5598700395-3 and Best by Date of January 11, 2021, sold in retail stores nationwide from April 17, 2020, through May 7, 2020.

The recall was initiated in cooperation with the FDA and a third-party co-packer that produced the product.

Next Steps, etc.

Consumers are advised to cease consumption of the product and contact Goodie Girl for refund or additional information.

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