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Amazon Recalls Around 100,000 Nightgowns & Robes For Kids From Auranso, Booph's, SIORA Over Fire Risks


Amazon Recalls Around 100,000 Nightgowns & Robes For Kids From Auranso, Booph’s, SIORA Over Fire Risks…

More Than 100 Thousand Children’s Sleepwear Pulled Out Of The Shelves Due To Flame Hazards 

Amazon reportedly recalled more than a hundred thousand of its sleepwear items geared for young children after discovering that they failed to meet the federally mandated guidelines for flammability safety protocols. 

Amazon Releases Recall Move Alongside Authorities

Authorities from the CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the Amazon kid’s sleepwear recall news. 

According to reports, Amazon is pulling out from its distribution networks two nightgown products and a robe – all designed for kids. 

They were all reportedly recall due to poor quality of make and material and by not being able to reach the criteria set by authorities for flame safety on young kid’s clothing. 

Per official accounts, Amazon has teamed up with authorities to release three separate order recalls concerning the three main product categories and has warned the public of the possible dangers of continuously using them. 

Consider The Consumer has taken the liberty to list down the necessary information you may need as a reader and everyday consumer to find out if you can join the massive recall initiated by Amazon with the help and guidance of the regulatory authorities from CPSC. 

Recall Information

The series of Amazon Kid’s Sleepwear Recall include the following brands: 

  1. Auranso Official for their kid’s nightgowns
  2. Booph’s for their kid’s nightgowns
  3. SIORO for their child robes

Different instructions were handed down for the benefit of the consumers to help them determine whether they are eligible to join; find out more about them below:

  • For Auranso Official children’s nightgowns
    • Only long sleeves and short sleeves versions of the products are included;
    • Products that come in pink or white colors with a striped strawberry design print included; and
    • Cloth sizes from 2-3T to 9-10 years are affected.
  • For Booph’s children’s nightgowns
    • Ten different styles of Booph’s 100% cotton nightgowns for young children.
  • For SIORO children’s robes
    • Only SIORO children’s robes that come with long-sleeved designs and a hood are included;
    • Cloth sizes of Small, Medium, and Large; and 
    • SIORO products that come in eight (8) different colors, namely brown, dark grey, green, light blue, teal, navy plum, and white, are a part of the recall. 

The said products were mostly sold on Amazon’s online marketplace platform. Experts have warned people to stop using the affected products right away. For refunds, customers included in the recall are instructed to reach out to the respective individual companies.

Editor’s Note on Amazon Recalls Around 100,000 Nightgowns & Robes For Kids From Auranso, Booph’s, SIORA Over Fire Risks: 

This recall alert discusses the widescale announcement released by Amazon and government authorities, which involves more than a hundred thousand subpar quality young children’s night apparel. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Auranso, Booph’s, SIORA Recall 2021; Recall numbers: 21-156, 21-157, and 21-159 

Jurisdiction: Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC 

Products/Services Involved: Kids’ Nightgowns and Robes

Allegation(s): Amazon has sold three brands of kid’s clothing that did not meet the law’s minimum standards for flame hazard safety. 

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